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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Why I Tricked The Emergency Room Doctor

Why I Tricked the Emergency Room Doctor and Nurse

These doctors and nurses think they know it all. All that training and they don't know the simple basics about health. Their ignorance is deplorable to me. They don't even know the cause of infections and that germs (in most cases I'm aware of) don't cause disease.

At least this is the case with many physicians; I know this isn't so with more enlightened doctors. In fact, we have many of the more enlightened doctors who read the Superbeing Secrets Letter regularly. But for them to realize these concepts, they had to step outside of their medical school training.

Several years back I cut my left pointer finger with a very sharp knife and I went to the emergency room and got 18 stitches. That was a painful situation. I couldn't believe that the doctors were asking me to move my finger back and forth before they did any work on the finger. I was in enough pain as it was.

Anyway, that's beside the point. After they sewed me all up, the doctor said he was going to prescribe antibiotics for me. But I knew I had no need to take antibiotics.

Why the heck was I so confident that I wouldn't get an infection? Because I was eating a 100% Raw Food Diet.

When I used to eat cooked food, I often got infections in my mouth, but then when I switched to going 100% raw those infections never happened. I had gone back and forth with 100% raw many times and always I got the same results.

Each time I went back to cooked foods, I got infections in my mouth, each time I went raw I never had infections in my mouth. It becomes quite obvious after a while.

I also read many raw food books and knew from the authors that you won't get infections if you're body is clean. My experience proved this.

So when the nurse gave me an antibiotic to take right there in the hospital, I was a bit surprised. I thought I'd just get a prescription and then not fill it.

But she gave me the pill and to avoid confrontation I simply pretended to swallow it. I knew I wouldn't get an infection. I guess I did a little magic trick with the pill and made it disappear without it going in my mouth.

So what was the result of me not taking my "absolutely necessary" antibiotics? How about ZERO INFECTION. My cut even got wet and it never became infected. Was this luck or an accident?

No way, it was no accident. I was simply demonstrating the fact that if you're body is clean you won't get infections or colds for that matter.

The real cause of infections is not germs or virus, but the filth that builds up in the human body. You'll only get an infection if you have excess waste products and toxins in your body. Otherwise you can have all the cuts you want, hang out with people that have the flu or any other so called infectious disease and you won't get it.

I haven't had the flu in many years, I think at least 7 or 8 years if not more. I know many other raw foodists who have experienced the exact same thing. Everyone around them is sick, but they don't get sick.

If you want to take charge of your health, if you want to stop being the victim of allergies, if you want a superior life, then you need to feed your body with clean and superior nutrition and that is the Raw Food Diet.

The Germ Theory Lie

It was created to make a bunch of doctors very wealthy. It's one of the founding principles of medical science and it's a complete hoax, a frigin lie of mammoth proportions.

If you want to learn the facts about the Germ Theory and The Myth of Contagion, I have two suggestions for you.

If you happen to be in the New York City area on Monday night 5/14/07, that's tomorrow, by the way, then you really should find a way to come on over and listen to a master speak. Or maybe you have friends or relatives living near New York.

The name of this master communicator and educator is Matthew Grace, the author of A Way Out. Matthew is a powerful and totally inspiring speaker, you'll feel his deep emotions when he talks, he'll unwrap the web of lies created by the medical monopoly.

These lies are designed to make you a victim, to make you pay for needless and toxic druggings, chemical burning and surgery. I don't say these things lightly and neither does Matthew. He's put in many years of study into this field.

He's one of the leading raw food leaders of NYC and he's also an expert on AIDS. And yes AIDS is not caused by the so-called HIV virus. I'm sure Matthew will explain that as well. Matthew is such an incredible resource, I hope you get the chance to hear him speak.

You can learn about tomorrow night's talk that is sponsored by the Raw Health and Happiness Society by visiting this link.


But if you don't have a chance to come to the talk then I highly recommend you read Matthew's book "A Way Out." That book is brilliantly written, he makes such powerful illustrations and mental pictures in your mind. His explanations make everything crystal clear in your mind.

The chapter to read is chapter 5, The Myth of Contagion. I'm awed by how well written that chapter is. When you read that, you'll understand why the germ theory is a bunch of crock. I do suggest more background reading, because Matthew doesn't get into all the details and citations to back up his points. But I know he's done the full research.

http://matthewgrace.com/ to learn more about the book and see pictures of the muscular Matthew Grace. He's also a personal trainer and builds his muscles with a raw vegan diet and Natural Hygiene approach.

But those citations about the "myth of the germ theory" are out there. I know because I have done the research as well. What most people are unaware of is that Louis Pasteur (the main proponent of the germ theory) was a plagiarist and a second rate scientist, but a first rate politician.

But that's a story for another day. Just realize that much of what is passed on as medical truth, is nothing more than a lie calculated to separate you from your money, your health and yes your life. This is no joke, this is the most serious of information.

It's very likely you have family members that have suffered greatly and died well before their time because they made the mistake of trusting their health to doctors. At least you cannot say that you haven't been told. And hopefully, you are one of my enlightend readers who knows better.

So please try to come to Matthew's talk if you're in the area and otherwise I highly recommend you read his book.


To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

P.S. If you want to stop getting colds, allergies and flues and if you want to never have to worry about infections, then you know what you need to do. You need to make a commitment to your health and start enjoying the ultimate diet on the planet, the Raw Food Diet.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

24 Hour Special: Conquer Cooked Food Addiction In 30 Days Without Willpower

"How To Conquer Cooked Food Addiction In 30 Days Without Willpower!"

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Frederic and I make quite team. He not only interviews me but shares several powerful concepts as well. You get the synergistic effect of the expertise of two experts on the raw food diet.

If you can stay 100% raw for 30 days or more, you're very likely to stay 100% raw (for as long as you want) and do so without struggle and willpower. The only caveat being that you must do a balanced raw food diet. Once you learn the motivational and dietary secrets to going raw, it's really very easy to go 100% raw and to stay 100% raw.

You just need the right concepts and to apply them consistently for 30-days and you'll find going raw isn't all the struggle you thought it would be or it's just much easier than when you've tried it in the past. In fact, my program will show you at least 3 ways to reduce cooked food cravings by 90% starting on your first day raw. But there's much more than that.

If I could directly implant my knowledge and experience into your brain, you'd instantly know you could go raw without a problem. It's not that going raw is so hard, it's just that there are some key psychological and dietary concepts that you don't yet understand. False beliefs are the only things holding you back from superior health and a superior life.

The right knowledge is the key to success. Have the right knowledge in totality, then going raw is easy. Try going raw with the wrong ideas and succeeding is like finding a needle in a haystack.

I’ll be setting the price at a very reasonable $29.97 for Your First 30-Days Raw, right after this special is over. However, for the next 24 hours… it’s yours for $10. Here is the URL to place your order:


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Friday, May 04, 2007

Talk: How To Cure The So-Called Incurable Disease

Special talk for our local Raw Health and Happiness Society in New York City.

Topic: The Myth of Contagion - Special Lecture - The Real Reason There Are So Many So-Called Incurable Diseases and How To Regain Your Health Without Drugs, Doctors and Surgery.

Speaker: Matthew Grace click here for all the details of his talk.

Date: Monday, 5/14/2007

Saturday, April 28, 2007

He Didn't Believe It... But It Worked!

He thought this was a good idea, but he just couldn't imagine it actually working for him.

Yet 30 days later he was still 100% raw and not craving cooked food. After 30 days, he finally realized this superior Anti-Addiction strategy really does blow the pants off cooked food addiction.

How did Rob, my raw food coaching client, smash through years of cooked food addiction and struggle with staying 100% raw? It's simple -- I gave him an advanced copy of my new CD program.

What is this magical anti-addiction strategy revealed on this CD? It's none other than the classic 21-day principle.

If you can follow a positive new behavior for 21 days, you'll automatically form a new habit. Once it becomes a habit, it becomes habitual. In other words... you don't have to think about it anymore, it becomes automatic.

In fact, it becomes so automatic, that doing the old habit soon becomes painful!

No more need for willpower or struggle. Get through the first 21 days and you've got it made in the shade.

I've taken this classic self-help strategy and customized it for succeeding with the Raw Food Diet except I extended this period from 21 to 30 days to make sure the habit really sets in.

Introducing: Your First 30-Days Raw

This is my brand new audio program on CD that will put you on the fast track to going raw, staying raw and loving every minute of it. My friend Frederic Patenaude, the author of The Raw Secrets interviewed me on the best ways to make it through your first 30-days of being 100% raw.

He also shared some really good insights. Together we make a powerful team.

Successful long-term raw foodists know that it's easy to stay raw. But people addicted to cooked food, just can't imagine it. They can't imagine never again being able to indulge in pizza, ice cream or cake or you name it.

This is exactly what Rob was thinking. He thought the idea made sense, but he just couldn't imagine it being easy no longer eating cooked food.

In fact, the difference between success and failure with going 100% raw, is just having and then implementing the right ideas for 30-days in a row.

If you want to gain the fat-burning, happiness producing and life altering benefits that the Raw Food Diet brings and do it without struggle or unnecessary cravings -- then you'll want to get yourself a copy of my new CD "Your First 30-Days Raw."

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I'd also highly recommend you get yourself over to HowToGoRaw.com and get all the raw food coaching and support you need to succeed at staying 100% raw. The ridiculously low price for HowToGoRaw.com membership won't last forever.

Soon I won't be offering nearly as much on at HowToGoRaw.com and I'll be increasing the price. So get in there before I stop being so lazy and make the changes to the site. It could happen any day and I won't necessarily give you any further warning.

With the right ideas, with the right coaching and support and you'll soon realize you've become a completely new you. Going raw is like the caterpillar turning into the butterfly, a new birth into a life of sunshine, flight, freedom and the happiness that comes with it.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

P.S. I know you may not believe me, but going 100% raw is easy, if you know all the tricks. Use my ideas and you can save yourself needless pain and cravings. It doesn't have to be that way. "Your First 30-Days Raw," is coming soon, in the meantime, you should get a copy of Think and Go Raw and or join http://howtogoraw.com/.

P.P.S. Isn't it time you finally put your health and happiness first? What is life without health and energy to enjoy it? Going raw is a snap when you have the right ideas.

Friday, April 20, 2007

What Is The Real Matrix?

Or maybe a better question should be, "Are You In The Matrix And Don't Even Know It?" Is it possible that much of your life has been a false or virtual reality, similar to that as described in the Matrix?

In the movie The Matrix, humans live in a virtual reality world, created in their minds by computers to deceive them and rob them of their energy. They have jobs, families and friends. They live what appears to them to be a normal and natural life.

However they actually live in a world of illusion controlled by sentient machines and are used as a source of energy. Humans are nothing more than resources to be mined. They are nothing but cattle to the conscious machines that rule over them. They live meaningless lives in virtual reality prisons of the mind.

Their physical bodies never move outside of a small pod they are housed in. They live in a gilded cage but it's still a cage and they are still slaves.

Do You Choose The Blue Pill Or The Red Pill?

I propose to give you some ideas and tools to help you discover for yourself if you really are living in such a Matrix. I encourage you to examine the evidence for yourself. You decide, you do the research; all I'm going to do, is give you the chance to take the "Red Pill" which leads to the truth.

So before we go any further, you need to make a choice. You need to choose between the blue pill and the red pill.

In the movie the Matrix, Neo was given a choice to take either the blue pill or the red pill. If he chose the blue pill, his life would continue as normal, but if he chose the red pill he would get the truth.

Morpheus told Neo, "All I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more." As it turns out the truth wasn't necessarily pleasant. For some who took the red pill, they wished they had never learned the truth. Living in the Matrix was much more pleasant and enjoyable even if it was a complete illusion and slavery.

And so you have that very choice right now, if you decide to take the blue pill, then simply stop reading this article and go on living your life. Why rock the boat if you are fairly happy and content with the way life is for you now. After all, you don't need to know the truth to survive.

Stop Reading Or Go To Another Website If You Chose The Blue Pill

If you're curious about the truth, then you'll take the red pill and read more.

Examples Of People Who Chose The Blue Pill:

I've seen several times in my life, people consciously deciding that they didn't want to know the truth.

Let me tell you about a friend of mine. He's very much a germophobe. But when I was going to tell him all the disgusting things there are in the milk he was drinking, he asked me not to continue speaking. He didn't want to know. He still drinks milk and dairy products and has no idea in all the different ways that he's poisoning his body with commercial milk.

Maybe you would like to know the truth about this. Then check out this website below.


I know someone else who didn't want to watch an animal cruelty video. She didn't watch it because she figured that once she saw it, she'd never again be able to eat meat. Therefore, she chose the blue pill and lived in blissful ignorance of what she was putting into her body.

Maybe you would like to know more about this with these two videos.



Another friend of mine is quite well informed politically. He spends lots of time listening to talk radio and watching political shows on television. When I started telling him that I was starting to believe that much of our history was fabricated and distorted, he really didn't want to know. He doesn't want to know that his favorite political candidates (doesn't matter the party really) are all part of this invisible conspiracy.

He told me he doesn't believe in what I believe. I said oh really, why don't you just read this source or that source. But he refused to read that information. I even think he strongly suspects what I say is true, but he just doesn't want to change his beliefs. He chose the blue pill. He in essence was telling me I was wrong, but was unwilling to do the research to back up his assertions.

This friend has had a general tendency to pick the blue pill for much of his life. Yet in many areas he's quite well informed, but he really doesn't want to change a belief once it has been set. Does that sound familiar?

I Choose The Red Pill:

I believe truth seekers have to admit when they are wrong, they have to be willing to go for a higher truth, if there is one. What I'm about to reveal to you in this article may rock your world. The level of illusion is so deep and widespread that most people will reject it out of hand.

Many of your most cherished beliefs could very well be a deliberate part of this Matrix illusion. But I will provide you with all the tools you need to do your own process of discovery.

Over the course of my life, I've made many dramatic shifts in personal beliefs. Here are some brief examples.

1. I used to be an atheist, then an agnostic, then I became deeply involved in a small cult like religion for over 10 years. I had experiences in which I knew for myself, from personal experience that God did indeed exist.

Then I had to quit that religion which was virtually the most important thing to me in the world because I discovered it was a scam and a lie. Many of the principles were true and my spiritual experiences were still valid.

But I could no longer decipher the truth from the lies. I had many friends in this religion. It was a place to go and be with friends. I used to do talks and seminars for them. I was totally gung ho. It was a major part of my life and social life.

But I chose the "red pill." Truth was more important to me, than those other things. Truth was eventually more important than my ego. Who wants to admit they were wrong? I had to admit at least to myself that I was wrong. Not my spiritual experiences, but the group which I thought was responsible for my experiences.

2. I remember saying to a friend how what I eat has nothing whatsoever to do with my state of mind. I strongly believed there was no connection with diet and how I felt. I couldn't have been more wrong and was glad to prove myself wrong, for by going on a raw food diet, I overcame 6.5 years of depression in just one day.

http://HowToGoRaw.com is my raw food coaching and support website. Going raw is easier when you have the right mindset, the right diet and the right support.

Even my raw food diet certainly isn't supported by doctors and mainstream culture in general. And to go even further, the information I teach is not mainstream, even within the raw food community. The Hollywood type of raw diets try to scare you off of eating fruit. etc.

3. I used to believe that the happenings on 9/11 where just as the media reported in the United States. That Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda hijacked the planes all by themselves and started this war on terror.

But now I believe otherwise. In fact, I feel there is very strong evidence that this was perpetrated by forces within the United States government.

I'll be pointing you to resources so you can decide for yourself.

4. I used to believe that the Soviet Union was our enemy, just like everyone else in those days of the Cold War.

I've recently discovered that there would be no Soviet Union without financial backing from bankers in the United States and Germany. Not only that. Soviet Union was on the brink of financial collapse several times only to be bailed out by our very own banks. This all during the height of the cold war.

Not only that, the money we gave them went into weapons that killed many thousands of our own soldiers in the Korean and Vietnam wars. Are you starting to see how the average human is nothing but a resource, a pawn to be used for the rich and powerful?

They were the best enemy money could buy.

Truth indeed is stranger than fiction.

I don't ask you to believe what I'm saying. Do your own research. I could be wrong on some of my ideas, but I don't say these things lightly. There is quite a bit of detailed evidence and public banking records to back this up if you know where to look.

Below I'll share with you a book "The Creature From Jekyll Island," that if you read it, you will never be the same again. More than one book like that actually.

5. I used to believe in the Theory of Evolution. It was obvious to me, common sense. I used to believe that the Creationists had no scientific evidence, that they just based their beliefs on faith.
Little did I realize that some of the creationist were top scientists. I believe the science disproving evolution is much more credible than the science that tries to prove it. Little did I realize the great leaps of faith needed to believe evolution. It wasn't so nearly cut and dry an issue as I had believed.

Never in public school was I exposed to anything but the theory of evolution. This was truly a one sided education pretending to be unbiased and scientific.

Could there be a reason why the elite want us to believe in Evolution? Is there a political or power purpose for the widespread dissemination on the Theory of Evolution?

Again, I'll give you resources to do your own study. You need to see as much of the evidence as possible, read two, three or more sides of the story.

6. I used to believe that the FDA, AMA and the billion dollar cancer societies wanted to find a cure for cancer. I naively believed they had good intentions. But all you really have to do is to follow the money, and you'll soon discover that these agencies are guilty of murder and genocide.

I believe my mother would still be alive today if truly revolutionary and inexpensive cancer treatments were allowed to make it into the mainstream for cancer victims. It's sick but I'm quite confident that it is true. It's in these agencies best interests for cancer to spread and for the continued use of outdated and poisonous therapies like radiation and chemotherapy.

Again, don't believe me, do your own research, that's all I ask. Below I'm going to point you to some resources that back up what I'm saying.

Your Truth Toolkit:

So let's start off with your toolkit for truth:

1. Always Seek The Highest Truth: And Never Stop Seeking

In order to have truth, you must always be willing to give up what you currently believe to be the highest truth. You must be willing to do further research. You must not allow yourself to believe you have the ultimate truth, because you may only have discovered the partial truth.

I could go on with stories in my own life of how I thought I had the ultimate truth. And I was stuck at those points. It was only when I realized there may always be higher levels of truth, that I was able to let go of the lower truth for the higher truth.

The key principle is to have an open mind. You of course, need to take a stand in life, but it's good to be open to new ideas, just in case, what you thought was truth turns out to be a lie or a partial truth, which is also a lie.

2. Tool number Two:

There's a new book out by Mark Joyner called Simpleology. You might already be a member of the very powerful and free Simpleology 101. I give this free resource my highest recommendations.


But Mark Joyner has added something new, its Simpleology the book, which is in print. If you want to know how to figure out the truth in life then you should read this book to see all the ways in which you and many others have been deceived. You can become your own Neo and learn the secrets of the Matrix when you have these truth detecting concepts.


This book comes with an incredible special offer. You'll be receiving in the mail (not email) gifts worth $6,825. I'd definitely check it out.

No longer will the media, the newspapers, scientists, doctors, politicians and even your friends be able to deceive you with their false logic. You'll have a much greater chance of piercing the veil of truth, once you know the principles Mark shares in his book.

Mark is not specifically talking about any particular truths, he lets you decide for yourself. Simpleology simply gives you the mental tools to learn the tricks of deception and manipulation. Learning this information is essential in being able to decode the Real Matrix.

3. Research as many sides of the story as possible:

You need to read more than one perspective if you want to find the truth. And you have to be willing to search for flaws in what you believe to be true. In fact, a general opinion or belief about something could very well be true, even though some of the pieces of evidence used to prove that theory are incorrect.

Simpleology goes more into explaining points like this one.

Ok, so now you have your truth detecting tools, next comes...

4. The Other Side Of The Story:

Here is where I recommend educational resources for you to watch and read. This is only the start. You shouldn't necessarily believe something just from one new source of information. Try to verify the facts as much as possible. Does what you read or watch make sense. Sometimes all you need is common sense and you can learn a lot.

If you want to know the truth, you need to spend time reading, watching, listening to and otherwise researching information from varying perspectives. That is the price of truth.

Make Sure To Bookmark This Blog Post For Future Reference
I'll be adding more resources as I find them. It could take you many months to fully absorb what I'm showing you here today.

Freedom To Fascism:

This entertaining and yet shocking documentary will start to give you a very good idea of what this Matrix could possibly be. You can watch it free on Google video.


If you want to do further and much deeper research, I highly recommend you read this book.

"The Creature From Jekyll Island," by G. Edward Griffin

After you read this book, you will never be the same again. Trust me on this one. This is a true red pill book and it's highly documented. It's not just wild conspiracy theory, but it's backed up by facts that are often taken from the very people perpetrating these evils upon you.

What you may not know is that you are secretly being robbed of your money and your freedom. This is a fact. You should be ready to take action after learning what you'll learn.

If you save your money and hold cash, you are being robbed by the invisible tax of inflation. Inflation is just another word for the Federal Reserve's power to print counterfit or fiat money at will.

The more money is circulating in the economy, the less that money is worth. That's the clear and easy way to understand inflation. And that is how all people who use dollars are being invisibly robbed of their hard earned money.

You'll also see how many times the American people have been severely robbed in the past. It makes me sick.

Did you know that under our current financial system it is impossible for the United States government to pay off our national debt? Why is this so? Because every dollar in the United States economy only exists because someone is borrowing money.

If our national debt were paid off, it would create a depression because our money supply would be severely depleted. If all government, business and personal loans were paid off, there wouldn't be a single dollar in our economy. Money is created on the basis of debt.

How can this be a sane system of finance?

Here's a detailed summary or review of the book.


Some critique's and the author's responses:


You can read a whole chapter from the book here.


If you ever wondered how your money system really works, this fully describes it.

Here's a good introduction to what the book is about. It might be the first chapter, but I'm not 100% sure on that.


But the depth and breadth of the book go into much more than I can possibly write down here. It's truly shocking. If you end up agreeing with many of the conclusions drawn in the book, then you'll know that you have been indeed living in a Matrix type of false reality.

More info on 9/11:

Loose Change 2nd Edition: This video has been viewed over 5 million times. This could rock your boat if you haven't seen the other side of the story.


9/11 Justice: 18 minutes long but very powerful


"Politics In Healing" by Daniel Haley

The suppression and manipulation of American Medicine

I was in shock when I read this book last year. Little did I realize the evil we are surrounded by from the controllers of the U.S. medical monopoly. Virtually no one should be dieing of cancer. There are or were plenty of very powerful treatments that the drug companies along with their governmental regulatory bodies like the FDA have fought very hard to suppress.

You can read a chapter of this book online at the link below.


This chapter is actually the least damning of the FDA and the other medical entities. When you read what happened to some of the other doctors who developed treatments for cancer that were much better and cheaper than what we have today, you are going to get very mad. All for the mighty buck. These people have no honor.

Chapter 3 was my favorite: Birth of a Science or Death of a Science? - The story of Dr. William Frederick Koch, the Koch Treatment, and carbonyls

And just so you know, modern medicine today is largely the doing of John D. Rockefeller and his foundations. His father was a crook and a notorious snake oil salesman. John D. Rockefeller was no different. In fact, he didn't even use the drugs he sold, he only used homeopathic remedies.

The modern medical system supported by the AMA was a scam from the very beginning. This book is a must read.


This is a truly amazing and voluminous website. I can't vouch for everything on the site because I haven't had the time to read it all. But if you just read this one chapter you might very well be shocked by what you read.


This next chapter below explains how our whole educational system has been specifically manipulated to promote evolutionary and other related theories of study. This has nothing to do with true science and everything to do with control and power. What you think is truth, might very well be untruth.


From the History Channel: Secret Societies

I can't believe the History Channel aired this. But it's quite illustrative. Of course they bring in opposing viewpoints for a so-called fair and balanced opinion. You be the judge.


The Money Masters:

Gives you an idea the real purpose of the Federal Reserve. Banking is the mechanism of control over the politicians. Banking is how the Real Matrix is controlled. It's the power source of the Matrix. If you don't understand banking, you have no idea of what or why things really happen in the world.

Part 1:


This is the complete video. I can't seem to find part 2 by itself.


Another perspective on Global Warming:

Read pages 526-536 of "The Creature From Jekyll Island" to see the source of the funding for the Global Warming scare and the real motivation for why these mega corporations want you to embrace the human caused global warming premise.

I'm all for responsible environmental protection. But the people promoting this, only do so for political and power purposes. They are very far from true environmentalists. They say one thing but do something else. It's all for show.

Terror Storm: By Alex Jones

How terrorism is purposely created by governmental forces outwardly saying they are fighting it. Lots of good evidence presented here.


Is AIDS really caused by HIV?


Virginia Tech and Columbine Shooting: Is there more than meets the eye to these shootings? Could Seung-Hui Cho have been a mind controlled assassin? The signs heavily point to mind control experiments conducted on these students. Just like in the movie "The Manchurian Candidate."


Remember that these are just alternative sources of information. If you want to understand the truth for yourself, you need to know as many sides of the story as possible.

I'm not saying I believe or agree with every conclusion drawn in these sources of information but if you don't see or read these sources or similar ones, then you'll never know for yourself whether or not you really are in the Matrix.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

P.S. As far as I know, all or most of the alternative viewpoints I point to above are the exact opposite of what the people controlling the Matrix want you to believe. I believe they are behind virtually all of these problems. It's a subtle yet massive campaign to gain control of your mind. It happens in a number of different fields, so people have a hard time thinking it's being directed from one main group. But it truly seems to be that way.

The book The Creature from Jekyll Island, will show you the keys to unlock this mystery.

Virtually all of these deceptions are originating from the same group of people secretly pulling the political power strings of the world. Could this be the real matrix? The Matrix that most people don't even know exists?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Organic Food to Become Extinct. Don't let it happen!

You're health and life are under direct attack by the world's most powerful corporations that want to completely monopolize your food and the supplements you take. The huge pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, agribusiness and the medical industry are behind these dangerous moves.

This is simply another step in the removal of your freedoms and the creation of first regional governments, like the European Union and the coming North American Union and then to a World Government. The world is rapidly approaching the standards in the book and movie "1984" by George Orwell.

Part of these plans are the reduction of the world population in half. The current plans are a powerful step in that direction.

If you don't take action by April 30th, 2007, you may never again be able to take your favorite supplement and even worse, you may never again have access to truly organic food. Food standards in general will radically decline.

Have you heard of Codex Alimentarius? Don't be deceived by the lies telling you these regulations are for your own good.

This has already been passed in Europe. Don't let it be passed here in the United States. For thousands and possibly millions of people, this could be the difference between life and death and the difference between radiant health and disease.

The United Nations also supports this Codex Alimentarius. When this passes the United States won't be in control of it's own organic standards, that will be left up to a world body composed of the most powerful and dangerous corporations in the world.

Please watch this video that I've linked to below and then take action as recommended. Every email sent to Congress is considered as representing 13,000 people. So what you do really counts and could give us a chance to fight the further erosions of our freedoms.


Remember, the commentary period ends this month on April 30, 2007. Take action now and fight for your health freedom.

You're at war and you don't even know it. This is a sneak attack on your health and that of your family, friends, and of all future generations of your children.

So please watch this video now and take action. They have easy pre-filled email forms to send in to your congressmen.


To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske