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A Masterpiece: The Best Diet And Raw Food Diet Book I've Ever Read

I've been waiting for a book like this to be written for the last 7 years. Dr. Douglas N. Graham's "The 80/10/10 Diet," is truly a masterpiece on not only the raw food diet, but on a low fat diet in general, even if it isn't raw or vegan.

People from all dietary backgrounds can benefit tremendously from reading this book and gradually getting their caloronutrient (means nutrients that contain calories) levels in to the 80/10/10 range.

For people following the raw food diet in its many forms, this book will clear up hundreds of little and big issues you may have been having. Also everything is so cleverly stated that it will make better sense to you. Reading and fully understanding this book will make you somewhat of an expert on raw food nutrition.

Virtually everything you need to succeed (minus coaching and support like what I offer at with the raw food diet is provided in this thoroughly researched and comprehensive raw food book. I absolutely love it and give it my absolute highest recommendations.

This is a must read, if you want to be exceptionally knowledgeable in raw food nutrition. I already know that many so-called raw food experts and gurus have no understanding of much of the information in this book. If they did, they wouldn't be making such dangerous nutritional recommendations to their clients and patients.

In my opinion the raw food diet is being destroyed by people making absolute nonsense dietary recommendations. When new raw foodists follow these popular diet gurus and have worse health than when they started, then that's not a good thing for the raw food movement in general.

But this is precisely what happens. I know because it happened to me and many other people I've come to know and coach.

Luckily, I persisted until I found the right way to eat raw. And trust me, there is a right way and a wrong way. It doesn’t depend on your body type, blood type, where you were born, racial heritage, metabolism or dosha. Again, this is all thoroughly, logically and scientifically explained in this fabulous book.

It's basically the compilation of all of Dr. Graham's knowledge about the raw food diet. I've gone to many of his lectures and this book is like attending 20 of them, plus discovering the latest information he's uncovered, plus having scientific references to back up much of what he says.

On every page and in almost every paragraph there is information I want to underline. And if you are new to raw foods, you'll likely want to underline almost the whole book.

Much of what you read will be contradictory to many of the current and popular raw food diet nutrition books out there. But once you see the reasoning behind it and realize all he's really doing is recommending a diet that is closest to what we'd be eating if we were living naked and out in nature in the warm tropics with no tools. This is the way the first humans all survived. We weren't born with clothing, ovens and spears.

Virtually every last detail is explained. If you've been irrationally scared of eating fruits, you'll understand why you shouldn't be. There's a whole chapter called, "Meeting Fruit Concerns Head On."

Do you wonder where you'll get your essential fatty acids on this diet? The book explains this in detail. What we people don’t realize is that just by eating a calorically sufficient diet of fruits and vegetables we'll be meeting all of our needs for essential fatty acids in the best possible way, a 1 to 1 ratio.

Are you having troubles determining what you should eat at each meal and each time of the year? Problem no more, as there is an appendix with a weekly meal plan for each season of the year.

Do you want to learn how to gain or lose weight? This is explained quite thoroughly in chapter 9, "Stabilizing Your Bodyweight."

I also love the detailed first chapter that explains our true dietary nature. Comprehensive information from many different sciences are used to demonstrate what humans should really be eating. It's common sense once you have the correct facts and can see the complete picture.

One of my absolute favorite parts of the book is when he talks about "Fragmented Thinking or Logic." Dr. Graham equates that with the story of the 6 blind men trying to determine what an elephant really is like by touching it in one spot.

This is the problem with every single nutritional theory out there that doesn't come close to agreeing with the 80/10/10 principles. They look at the part and base their rational on false premises.

If the foundation of your argument is a false premise then your whole argument is false. And this is the case in every single diet in the world except the low fat raw food diet.

This is a great book to have if you want to prove a point. All you have to do is ask the skeptic to read a certain section and they'll likely realize the folly of their argument. At least if they are open minded.

It's comprehensive at 348 pages and the print is actually on the small side. So there is quite a bit of information in this book. This took Doug 5 years to write and get edited and ready for the world to read.

There are also about 20 great testimonials of people following this diet in the back of the book, plus a fantastic Frequently Asked Questions section.

Reading this book will clear up so many issues and false beliefs about health and nutrition. You'll finally have supreme confidence in what you're eating. Virtually all of your doubts will be removed.

You can get "The 80/10/10 Diet" from the link below. The book is now available and should be shipped to you immediately upon your order.

I'm sure you'll enjoy this masterpiece on raw food nutrition. There simply is no other book out there that's like it. Each chapter is like attending a three-hour lecture from Dr. Graham.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

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