Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I think you'll really enjoy this article

This is an absolutely beautiful and uplifting article by Sun-Rose, one of the members from our local raw food support group The Raw Health and Happiness Society. The article is excerpted from her newly published book called A Radiant Life.

I love what she wrote and how she wrote it. I wish I could write this well. I'm sure it is divinely inspired. If you aren't careful you'll miss the spiritual subtleties of the passage.

I remember quite well the meeting Sun-Rose was talking about. We're not just going raw for ourselves, but our example helps many hundreds and possibly thousands of people around us. I wish you all could have been at that meeting. We have some highly evolved souls who share their wisdom with us.

If you live or ever visit the New York City area then you might want to take a look at our local group's website: You can also sign up for email alerts for upcoming potlucks, meetings and other raw food and health related activities going on in the Metropolitan area.

Commitment by Sun-Rose

This came really clear in our raw food support group meeting last night, about how our purpose and commitment – or lack of it – can be a blessing – or a minus – not just to ourselves, but for all. We're not in this by ourselves – separate little egos wanting to be healthy and happy and gorgeous. What we're doing – being raw – is more about being conscious – alert, alive, awake and aware – than about healthy bodies. As Ralph pointed out in the meeting – the point is not only health but happiness.

Folks were sharing about being tempted by cooked or even junk food and giving in to it. – Commitment is a way to sail joyously through the sea of temptation. Commitment to what? To being a living blessing for others – not just for ourselves and our 'chosen' circle.

A larger purpose is always a tremendous help with commitment; perhaps because somewhere within consciousness we know that we have an Eternal Connection with everyone and everything. So when we aren't just doing this for ourselves, we get a wonderful support from the unseen Whole of Everything.

Temptation is only the little nasty voice (voiceunder) that loves to beat you up. First it puts on a sweet seductive voice, reminding you of how comfortable that baked potato is – how satisfying the pizza or whatever the poison is. And isn't this the same voice that says to the drug addict: "Time for another fix." – to the drinker: "Happy hour time!" – to the gambler: "This time you're gonna win big." – to the anorexic and obese: “junk time.” – and continues to whisper (although it's really a hiss): "Just one more (spin on the wheel, fix, drink, candy bar) ... "

As we're wrestling with our temptation, there may be millions of others wrestling – and our commitment may be the pivotal one in the world that either adds to giving in – or gives the strength to some or all of the others to say “No!” this time.

There was a church in seventeenth century Germany where all the members of the congregation had little stone lamps that they would bring with them, bearing a small candle inside. The service was in the evening, and the illumination of the church came from those candles. If the church was full, it glowed. If only a few members came, the light seemed faint and sparse.

We don't need lamps and candles. We are the Light, either hiding it under a bushel or – scary as it might be – letting it radiate forth.



I hope you enjoyed that excerpt. There's a lot of power behind it.

Going Raw Is Easier If You're On A Mission

Going raw is easier when you are committed not just for yourself, but for all of humanity.

This is exactly the kind of power that is behind the "Raw Food Warrior Technique" that members of have full access to. As a member, you get the written technique and an 8-minute audio, guided visualization, to help you unlock the power of the Raw Food Warrior in your daily life.

Once you can access the power of the Raw Food Warrior, then staying 100% raw is easy. Cooked food no longer tempts you because you are powered by a desire that obliterates any and all cravings for cooked food. In fact, this technique is so powerful that you can use it to break any bad habit or addiction.

Sun-Rose is without a question a raw food and spiritual warrior.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

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