Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why You Can't Breathe Deeply!

Back when I was about 5 or 6 years old I was visiting my grandparents in Toronto and a startling thing happened to me. For the first time I noticed I had a hard time breathing.

Something was blocking the flow of my breathing. This bothered me so much that I was looking in the mirror, up at my nose to see what was blocking the passage way. What I saw was actually skin that was protruding out in the upper part of my nose. I was worried about this and told my mother. She basically said not to worry about it.

I didn’t like it, but I soon forgot all about it. Fast forward to when I switched to a diet of 100% uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Er, I mean a Raw Food Diet.

After less than a month of eating like this I was able to breathe deeply and effortlessly again. For most of my life I had forgotten what deep breathing was like.

Now I know that for me and many others eating cooked food not only poisons your body, but it also lowers your ability to intake a stream of mountain fresh oxygen.

At first I couldn’t believe the deepness of my breathing. Even when I was breathing indoor air, it felt like I was breathing air in a pristine pine forest up in the mountains. I also noticed that all the flem I had in my lungs completely cleared out.

Looking back, I think maybe I had a minor form of asthma. At least I certainly had an impaired ability to breathe. But going raw quickly cured that.

This kind of ease of breathing is great for any athletic endeavors. But it also does something else amazing, when you can breathe deeply you feel happier. Deep and natural belly breaths actually give you a natural high. I’d be willing to bet that you can’t breathe as deeply as you could unless you’re already eating a 100% raw food diet.

Your body recognizes cooked food as poison. This is has been scientifically proven many times and with many cooked foods. After you eat a piece of "good for you" whole grain bread, your white blood cell count will skyrocket.

Your body will also create mucus to help transport the poison out of your body. Thus the whole theory behind the classic book, “The Mucusless Diet Healing System.” Eat foods that don’t cause your body to produce mucus and you can live in paradise health. Some of the worst offending cooked foods are dairy products and grains. If you eat these foods, you'll never know what it's like to breathe properly.

If you want to know what it’s like to breathe truly deep breaths, then you’ll want the easiest way to thrive on the raw food diet. Think and Go Raw, the 2007 updated version will show you all the tricks you need to motivate yourself to go raw and without endless willpower.

By the way -- if you have to rely on willpower alone, you'll never succeed at staying raw for the long haul. You must learn the psychological strategies to grease your way to raw eating. Going raw doesn’t have to be a struggle, it can be as easy as sliding down a water slide, if you have the right ideas and the right training. Just one concept from my book, might be the one take you over the top to raw food diet success.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How I Squashed The Flu And So Can You!

Getting the flu sucks! One time I had the worst flu ever and it lasted 6 weeks. This was in the winter of 1997, during my first serious attempt at going 100% raw.

I used to get the flu about once a year. It's been over 6 years now since I've had the flu. Actually, I can't quite remember exactly how many years it's been. It could be more than six, but I'm sure it's been at least 6 years.

Who likes being out of commission, in bed with a fever, scratchy throat and constantly coughing and sneezing for a minimum of 1 to 2 weeks?

It's not my favorite way of getting time off. When you're self-employed, getting the flu is not only a miserable experience, but you're also losing plenty of money and opportunities.

This is true of employees as well but it's just harder to realize due to the benefit of sick days. But who do you think is going to get the first opportunity at a raise? The person who's sick for two weeks out of the year, or the person who never gets sick.

You'll simply be more valuable and productive to your employer if you don't get sick.

When I had my worst flu ever, in the winter of 1997, I was eating 100% raw.

Yes, that's right... I was 100% raw and I had the worst flu ever. Some of my raw food friends attribute it to the initial detox of going 100% raw, but I know now that wasn't why I had such a hard time overcoming the flu.

The reason I had the flu was because I was doing the raw food diet plain wrong. I was loading up on one kind of food as my staple that simply shouldn't be a staple.

After a month of eating like this, my body started changing. Every time I took a bite of this food at room temperature, it would send shivers down my spine. I was freezing all the time.

This is a fine raw food; I simply wouldn't make it something you'd eat on a daily basis as your main staple, for weeks on end.

This food has powerful natural cooling properties. This I found out in later readings, from several independent sources. One of those sources was the quasi raw nutritionist Paul Bragg.

It's crazy that I had to read this information somewhere else before I applied it in my own life. I should have known it from my own experience, but I was just too green when it came to eating a raw food diet to understand. I found out the hard way, through painful experience.

I was stubborn because I had faith in the raw diet no matter how much my health had deteriorated. But it wasn't the raw diet that was wrong, I just didn't know what the heck I was doing, even though I had read many raw food books.

So what is this food? Actually it's a whole category of food – citrus fruit.

I ate a ton of oranges in the winter of 97. They had really good oranges that year. I hardly ate any fatty foods because at the time they were hard for me to digest and because they weren't that interesting to me.

I barely ate bananas because at that time I didn't even realize that bananas are ripe when they start getting black spots on them. I had so much to learn about how to do a raw food diet in the right way.

But in my ignorance I blamed the raw food diet for my problems. I also thought that my body was damaged and couldn't do a 100% raw food diet. I held that thought for many years only to eventually realize I was wrong.

So why don't I get the flu anymore? It's simple. I eat an Optimal Raw Food Diet and do it correctly. This makes me much more resistant to colds and flues than the average bloke. It doesn't matter if you're around children all the time. I was a tennis pro, teaching children every day.

All that matters is that you eat correctly and do the seven other major things necessary for optimal health. I don't care how good your diet is, if you don't get any exercise, you aren't going to be healthy or reaching your full potential. Same goes for sleep, etc. It's not just about eating raw but about being healthy.

If you want to save years of trial and error in learning how to go raw, then I suggest you visit my coaching and support website, If you want to avoid six weeks of the flu and all the other mistakes I made along the way, then I suggest you become a member.

I believe I have the best and most affordable training and support program to help you succeed with the Optimal Raw Food Diet. Coaching, mentoring and the support of like-minded people makes all the difference in the world.

Trying to make it by yourself with books alone is very hard. You need to be able to ask questions and get feedback. You need an expert coach there beside you when things seem to be going wrong and you're losing your faith in eating raw.

I can help you to pinpoint what isn't obvious to you. I can detect the subtle errors in your approach that a book just can't do.

Also keep in mind that if you join you'll also get my updated for 2007 version of Think and Go Raw. You'll learn my 33 strategies to crush cooked food addiction permanently! This is a $24.97 value and will really help you to make a painless transition to your natural diet, the Optimal Raw Food Diet. gives you so much more. I can't possibly list all the great resources that you'll have at your fingertips. You'll learn quick, easy, hearty and delicious raw food recipes that you can make in 10 minutes. You get a whole library of educational raw food audios, ebooks and special reports.

This is the best way I know of to go raw besides having me live with you or give you personalized coaching.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

Monday, March 19, 2007

Re: Save Time - Burn Fat - Get High!

Why do a boring jog or aerobics an hour or more per day when you can get twice as fit in just 15 minutes by doing Lightning Aerobics?

If it were the choice between running and doing no exercise at all, I'd certainly go running. But why limit yourself to jogging when you could be getting a powerful natural high in 15 minutes or less of doing Lightning Aerobics. You can still jog if you want, but my first priority would be doing Lightning Aerobics.

I'm totally pumped right now and feel awesome. I just finished a mini-lightning aerobics workout. It was only about 7 minutes long, but I was breathing heavy and pumped up and built up my muscles at the same time. I did a 15 minute session in the morning as well.

This high is such an amazing feeling. You can't get this type of high from jogging. It's just not possible.

Why? Because with Lightning Aerobics you are actually strengthening the muscles in your legs, upper body, abdominals and back while at the same time creating a superior aerobic workout.

Trust me, you'll be huffing and puffing but it feels oh-so-good. You'll feel on top of the world and once you get in the habit of doing my program, you'll never want to stop. Nothing and no one will be able to pull you away, once you feel what this high is like.

This is true motivation to exercise.

Many runners jog for an hour or more per day. In fact, I was at our local Raw Health and Happiness Society Raw Food potluck last night and my previous forum post came up for discussion.

This woman who is a jogger was shocked that I would only run for 15 to 20 minutes. In fact, many times in my life, I'd tell people I hardly ever workout for more than a half hour at a time and they were amazed.

How did I get in such good shape with such a short workout, while everyone else is slaving away for hours at the gym? The reason is because the Lightning Speed Fitness Program saves time compared to most other fitness programs. The simple bodyweight exercises in my program work multiple muscles at the same time.

No dangerous muscle isolation exercises. Those kinds of exercises lead to injuries because they create muscular imbalances. This leads to muscle tears and rips. Hard to get fit when you're constantly recovering from injuries. Tis a common problem with weight lifters and people who use machines at the gym.

Imagine doing only a few exercises and pumping up all the major muscle groups and at the same time getting the best aerobic workout in your life. This is the ultimate in fitness time management. You get a powerful combination of results.

Some of the exercises even give you a good stretch. You get aerobic fitness, muscular development and stretching all in one.

This is not to say that you can't or shouldn't exercise for more than 15 minutes. I love doing these exercises so much that I take little exercise breaks throughout the day. Just like my mini-Lightning Aerobic workout I mentioned above.

About Burning Fat:

What will burn more fat, doing an hour of jogging or 30 minutes of Lightning Aerobics?

Why Lightning Aerobics of course. Now I don't have any direct scientific studies to back me up on this. But I do know that the more muscle you put on, the more fat you burn and the faster your basal metabolism will be.

In fact, a pound of fat burns only 2 calories per day and yet a pound of muscle burns 75 calories a day.

I do know that studies comparing jogging or moderate intensity aerobics to a much shorter but more strenuous form of exercise, came up with fascinating results. Although jogging for long periods of time does burn fat, it doesn’t end up helping you much in terms of weight loss.

Why? Because although the joggers burn a lot of fat, their body's put the fat right back on their hips and butts. The assumption is that if the body needs all that fat to fuel your exercise routine, it will then store any excess fuel as fat.

It's like the fat wants to stick to you when you're just a jogger. You're actually training your body to put on fat.

Train it instead to put on muscle. This is the only way to get the muscle high.

So come on over to the force of Lightning and train your body to burn fat and not store it. You'll not only get a super natural high, but you'll take the pounds of blubber off and have a new level of self-confidence that running for an hour can never give you.

If you really want to really live, then I suggest you give Lightning Aerobics a try. You can learn all about it by getting yourself a copy of the Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. I've just added supplemental information about Lightning Aerobics in the member's only forum. There's also more in Bodyweight Fitness Secrets. This is a fabulous bonus ebook you get by joining our super fitness club.