Friday, October 20, 2006

You Are The Cause

"You Are The Cause Of The Results In Your Life"

You are the cause of most things good and bad in your life. If you understand this concept, you are well on your way to getting conscious control of your life. All the situations, things and people in your life you have attracted and chosen.

Some even claim (I tend to agree with this) you have even chosen your parents and what kind of childhood situation you'd be in before you came into this lifetime in the physical world.

Put two people in the same circumstances and you often get two very differing sets of reactions.

For instance, I know someone (a teenager) who is embarrassed to be a raw foodist amongst some of his high school friends. He tries to hide this fact from other people. Yet I know some other raw food teenagers who were proud to be raw foodists. Going raw dramatically improved their lives and they are happy to share that information with others.

The same with adults going raw. Some people go raw and are afraid to get questioned by others about their diet. They are afraid to be different.

Yet in all the time I've been raw, this thought never once entered my mind. I was never, ever afraid of being ostracized because I ate raw foods. That didn't even occur to me.

Why would I care what someone else thought, I was just eating to maximize my own health, happiness and peak performance. I don't feel different because I only eat raw foods. I'm still a human just like the rest of us. Nothing different here.

When the topic of my diet comes up, I'm glad to share it with other people. I don't even get people criticizing me about it. It's the funniest thing. It seems that I know so much about it, that I rarely if ever get anyone challenging me about it.

This is because of my state of consciousness. I've attracted these situations. People can subconsciously tell that it would be futile to argue with me about it because I'm an expert in the field. But the thing is that these people I randomly meet don't know I'm an expert, but subconsciously they feel it and react to my energy. Another person doing the same exact thing to this person might get a completely different reaction.

Remember, you are the cause.

Think about your own life. Is it the situation or your own consciousness and belief system that actually controls what happens? Why is it that some guys attract all the girls and some guys just repel them? It's not even about looks, it's about your inner state of being.

Let me share a couple of more quotes from Dr. Joe Vitale's book, "The Attractor Factor." pg 46 and 47. This is taken from a dialog with a friend about taking full responsibility in your life.

(Pg 46)

"I don't sit around picturing car accidents," my friend blurted out.

"Maybe not consciously," I said. "But do you watch the news?"


(RH Comment: Even just having a negative, angry or fearful attitude will attract accidents and other bad things to happen to us. This has happened to me countless times when I'm angry and upset at the way things are. Things then get even worse. Whatever you focus upon you magnify.)

"Wouldn't you say the news is all about negative stuff—from accidents to murders to crises in countries we never heard of?"

"Yes, but—"

"Your mind is soaking up that programming," I explained. "And have you ever noticed how movies plant ideas in your mind?"

"What kind of ideas?"

"Well, ever notice how big business is always the bad guy?"

"You mean like in movies like Wall Street?"

"Yes! Those movies teach you that money is bad, or that it corrupts, or that wealthy people are bad," I went on. "The point is, all of this is programming your mind to attract the very things you'd prefer not to experience."

(RH Comment: This is also prevalent training in newspapers, TV news, certain political parties and even many religions.)

Unfortunately, a vast majority of people have been trained to have a poverty mindset. They believe stuff like this: "money is the root of all evil," or "if I get wealthy that means someone else now has to be poor," or "corporations are evil."

If you believe false ideas like these, you'll have little chance of becoming wealthy. Money is neutral, it's not good or bad, it's just a tool. It's like saying water is bad because you can drown in it, or your house can be damaged by a flood. But without water you would die.

The same thing is true with fire, electricity and even guns. They can be used for good and used for bad but these things of themselves are neutral. What would you do if you had no money? It's a vital thing to have.

Corporations aren't necessarily bad or evil. It's who's running the corporation. There are many very positive things brought to us by corporations. There a charitable corporations and corporations that donate to charities. There are many products created by corporations that you need and use every day of your life.

I'm also aware of many corporations that take advantage of their wealth and could care less about the welfare of people outside of themselves. This happens all the time, but corporations aren't to blame the people who run them are the ones to blame.

(pg 47) From "The Attractor Factor,"

"Look," I began. "I know a woman who has feminist sensibilities. Because she thinks men are out to rip her off, you can send her to any store by herself and if a man waits on her, she'll experience him being a chauvinist pig."

"Maybe the guy is a pig."

"He probably is, but send a woman without the belief that men are out to get her into the same store, and she'll either not get waited on by the guy, won't notice his personality, or will simply not experience what he might otherwise do."

"So you're saying we're creating it all—al of it?"

Unfortunately, I see this poverty consciousness quite often in people. So many people even think advertising is evil. If I send out an email that advertises a useful product they automatically think this is bad.

They want me to send them great and useful emails but to never have a link to a product I've either created or that I highly recommend. In virtually all the free media or nearly free media, like newspapers, radio, TV and yes Internet websites and ezines, you have advertising to offset the costs. Unless the person or organization is independently wealthy.

What people don't realize is that the quality of my information and the quantity of the information that I'm able to provide is much better since I started earning money online. This is because I can now work full time at doing this work.

When I still had my other job teaching tennis, I didn't have as much time to write. So it came out infrequently and it wasn't as good.

Also how would you know what to buy if there wasn't advertising of some sort? Even a retail location on a busy highway is advertising. If you don't want to buy anything and live your life out in nature and be totally self-sufficient, then I understand. But otherwise you are attacking the very system that makes your lifestyle possible for you.

Please realize these principles when you see advertising. Advertising, just like anything else in life is neutral, it can be good or bad. And some people would say there is no good or bad but only perception. But that's a story for another day.

Hope you enjoyed this post.


P.S. Here's the easy way to be the cause in your life.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Imagination Science Manifestation Principles

*** Superbeing Secrets ***
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"How To Get What You Really Want: RIGHT NOW"

==> Fully explained below

Dear Friend,

How are you doing today? Are you having fun? Is every day a great adventure or are you struggling with life?

* Are you experiencing more Joy or more Fear?

* Is your consciousness Expanding or Contracting?

* Do you have an awareness of God (Good) or No-God and No Good?

* Are you Fit or Fat?

* Are you Raw or Cooked?

* Are you Outflowing or Inflowing?

The other day during my daily spiritual exercise, I had some powerful insights that I had to write down. I want to share these insights with you and hope that they can help you in some way.

These concepts are not necessarily original thoughts and many are derived from memories of my past readings. But this is how those insights came out in my inspired writing (plus some editing for your eyes.)

Please realize I have been studying what I call the "Reality of Imagination" for about 19 years now. I've been consciously observing the process of creation in my life and of that of my close friends.

I've been trying to unlock the secrets to creating my ideal life and help my readers do the same. These thoughts are the outcome of this quest.

My insights may or may not resonate with you because I'm not going to include much in the way of a description or why they work.

I'm just going to list the principles. But I will say one thing to start with. This is a controversial subject in the metaphysical world.

** Visualization versus Action: Which is more important?

In the study of the self-help, spiritual and metaphysical literature I get this constant question and battle raging in my mind. I think it might be an issue that pops up in your head as well.

What is more important, visualization or taking action? Or maybe all you have to do is visualize and you'll get what you want. Many people ardently believe the last point, but I believe some clarification needs to be made on this.

Firstly, we all have to realize that even visualizing is taking action. You have to focus your mind in order to visualize. It requires at least some effort and action, even if only done with your mind.

I think the rest of my point will be explained in my notes below.

** Imagination Science Principles ** is my website that teaches these principles.

"If you focus on your outer world reality, you continually recreate what you see and nothing changes. Instead, you need to focus on what you want to happen in your life, not what you currently see."

* By focusing on "what you want" you naturally change your -actions- as well.

* Thought controls action.

* Thought controls emotion.

* Thoughts attract similar thoughts.

* The thought or image of the thing, is the real thing. (Inspired by Allen Says, "Money and Power")

* Any time you feel fear, anger, doubt or unhappiness you are contracting your energy flow and attracting the very things you don't want to happen into your life.

* Free Thinking: To focus on the goal and never focus on the obstacles.

* What you focus upon magnifies and attracts thoughts of a similar vibrational level.

* Always focus on what you want and never ever 'worry' about how you'll get it.

(This is what holds back 99% of people. If they can't logically figure out how to achieve a goal, they give it up. They apply logical and non-creation thinking. They look at what other people are doing and what the so-called real world is like and therefore stifle their awesome creative powers.)

* Your state of mind must be from 'having' what you want. Any thought of lack will (instantly removes your motivation to take ACTION) attract more lack in your life.

* Never allow any "emotional obstacles" in your thinking, think only of your desire and not of the roadblocks. (Note: you must deal with obstacles all the time, but always focus on the resolution of the obstacle and not on the problems it is causing you. In other words, "don't feel down or upset." This will dramatically increase the speed at which you resolve these obstacles.)

* Visualizing your goal will naturally attract you to take the right actions, think the right thoughts, read the right books and meet the people you need to achieve your goal.

* Visualization or thought creates reality on the higher planes of consciousness.

* Action is the Physical Plane equivalent of imagination or thought.

* We exist in the all the planes of consciousness simultaneously.

* What you want to do every day is to take "Inspired Action" steps towards your goals.

* Never force yourself, take Inspired Action instead. (Concept by Allen Says)

* Start a Miracles Journal. Keep track of all the magical things that happen in your life so you can look back on them in the future and realize that magic really does happen.

* Thinking is frictionless action.

* Turn yourself into a special magnet for whatever you desire. Visualize yourself as this specialized magnet that automatically attracts exactly what you desire to come to you.

* Feel like a kid just about to get his birthday or holiday presents. Feel like this as much as possible and you'll start attracting into your life the very things you desire in the fastest way possible.

* The ultimate goal in life is happiness. Every material thing you can get basically serves the purpose of making you FEEL happy. So why not 'be happy' first, since that is the ultimate goal.

* You can have happiness in every moment of your life if you just remember to focus on what you want and not let anything contract your energy.

* Even if you don't have all that you want (and you never will by the way) by just focusing on it (mentally having it) will instantly make you happy.

* Think from satisfaction. (Neville Goddard "Awakened Imagination")

* A daily spiritual exercise is like a multi-vitamin for the Soul. (John Harricharan "The Power Pause.")

* We can all be Happiness Billionaires starting from this very moment.

* To be happy - Think from your goal, not of your goal.

* Claim your desire as yours, in your imagination.

* Change your "magnetic point of attraction" (your habitual thoughts)and you change your future results. (concept from Dr. Robert Anthony, "Beyond Positive Thinking")

* We have a constant pattern of thoughts. If you consistently change the majority of those thoughts your outer world results will eventually match those new thoughts.

* The new thoughts however, "instantly change how you feel" and instantly change your inner world reality. People will be able to feel your new energy immediately. Even if they aren't consciously aware of it.

I hope you found these thoughts useful. I believe I can boil all that down to a simple eleven word formula.

*** Focus only on what you want and then take inspired action. ***

So you see IMAGINATION and ACTION work hand in hand.

I have a great 6-day course on manifestation, the law of attraction and creating abundance in your life for you. It's by the world famous Dr. Robert Anthony and it's frëe and loaded with fantastic insights.

Visit the link below to claim your 6-day abundance course.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Friendly Red Pigeon

Earlier in the summer I went out to my local park to practice juggling my soccer ball and to get some sun. As I walked in to the basketball court I passed by a reddish colored pigeon on the ground.

He walked right by me as if he were another human. He didn't seem afraid at all. I forgot about him and started juggling my soccer ball. After a few minutes I noticed he came walking over to me from outside the fence.

This was the strangest pigeon I'd ever seen. I could go really close to it and it would never fly away. I took some pictures and a video of it with my cell phone camera.

Later it walked in to the basketball court. I got as close to it as a foot and it never flew away. In fact, I never saw it fly, it only walked.

So here's the 30 second video clip of the friendly red pigeon.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Grandpa risks death & finds fountain of youth

I finally got the video from my cellphone to go with this article I posted a while back about mountain climbing I was doing with my father. I hope the video works. Below the video is the original article I sent out to subscribers of the Superbeing Secrets Letter.

Actually I have three videos now on this article post. They are all about 30 seconds long and taken with my cellphone video camera. The first two are right here and the last one is further below.


*** Superbeing Secrets ***
Raw Food, Bodyweight Fitness & Self-Mastery

"Ageless 66-Year-Old Grandpa (My Father) Risks Death By Climbing A 6000 Foot Mountain, For 4 Hours, Without Water, Climbing Gear, Maps Or A Trail, On A 95 Degree Day."

* How my father keeps his body as fit and capable as a 30 year old. * Why age has little to do with your physical and mental achievements but poor health habits do. * See the beautiful mountain pictures of our climb: linked below.

Dear Friends,

The other day I went on the most exciting and dangerous adventure of my life. I did it with my youthful 66-year-old father, who is actually a granddad these days.

I'm on vacation now, visiting my dad in Oregon. On my second day with him we went to the northernmost redwood forest in California. That was simply breathtaking. Later that day we went to this beach and hiked 3 miles in a constant 40 to 50 mile per hour wind. I was so cold. Thankfully, the cold wind relented and warmed on the way back.

This was not an easy hike. We climbed some cliffs and had to walk over very unsteady ground including rocks and huge forests of driftwood. I know many adults who would never have even ventured the idea of doing the hike we did because there was risk of injury.

They would have thought it too difficult and dangerous. Many older adults simply wouldn't be physically capable of going on this adventure.

** A Quick, Easy & Fun Way To Get Fit **

If you want to restore the strength, energy and balance of your youth then you need to do vigorous exercise and eat a healthy diet. The Lightning Speed Fitness Program is a fun way to get fit, burn fat and you can even do it on vacation as I have been doing.

It's the perfect vacation fitness program and you can get in awesome shape in only 15 minutes. Even five minutes will do wonders for you.

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But what we did the next day was ten times harder. I must say that I'm truly amazed at my father's physical and mental capabilities.

Physically it seems he's capable of doing anything he could do when he was 30 years old. Mentally he's just as sharp as ever and still working as a consulting engineer.

His body looks the same as when he was 30, except he has a few more wrinkles and grey hairs. My father is an example of how people should be. He takes care of his health and therefore, he's not plagued by all the old age diseases that other people experience.

** Physically he acts more like a 30 year old than a typical 66 year old.

All his life he's eaten a lot of fruits and vegetables. I remember his everyday lunch at work would consist of bananas and green delicious apples. I never saw him pack anything else.

These days he eats very simply and exercises every day. He's not a 100% raw foodist. However, that might soon change. Since I am visiting he decided to try eating mostly raw. So far he's been eating about 95% raw with me and not having much of a problem or transition at all.

Later on I'll discuss one problem he had and that is typical of new raw foodists. It made his mountain climbing adventure much more difficult.

Below is a letter I sent to some friends describing our exciting and yet dangerous climbing experience.

I think you'll find it interesting and I only hope that you can do the same or better when you are 66 years of age. If you take care of yourself, there's no reason, besides fear, that you couldn't do this as well. You need strength, flexibility, great balance and courage to attempt something like this.

What I haven't told you is that he's done this climb by himself and climbed several other mountains in the area by himself. Personally, I think that's too risky, but it doesn't bother him at all. I'll include links to pictures of the area we climbed below.

** Our Mountain Climbing Story **

What an adventure I had today in Oregon with my father. I wasn't nearly as tired today. Got up to 85% of my strength back. (Hadn't slept enough, jet lag, higher altitude and I wasn't eating enough calories.) I'm catching up slowly.

We went mountain climbing. It was an incredible ordeal. I was thirsty as soon as we started climbing. I ate some dulse(which is a quite salty seaweed) before we started and we didn't bring enough water. So I was very thirsty right from the beginning.

I don't think my father understood how thirsty I was. I thought we would be down within a couple of hours and even then I didn't want to go because I knew I'd only get even more thirsty as we climbed in this 95 degree day. I had no idea of what was in store for me.

Later on my father got really thirsty as well. We started trying to chew on leaves to extract water from them, but they just made us more thirsty because of their bitter taste. There was no water anywhere on our path.

We went through every kind of terrain. We even carried bear repellant. We actually climbed two peaks. The first adventure took about an hour and the second one took a few minutes under four hours.

The climbing was physically and mentally challenging. I'd estimate only 1% of 66 year old Americans would be capable of this climb. It was a tremendous leg and calf workout. Our knees were quite sore the next day and I had blisters on both of my big toes. We were often on unstable ground, hanging on to tree branches while climbing some areas up to a 90-degree grade, like a sheer cliff.

We had to go through dense brush, duck down and all the while constantly going up very steep areas with unstable ground. My father says that this instability is great for keeping your legs strong and firm.

You never know which way your ankle will turn and you have to have good reflexes so you don't fall the wrong way and hurt yourself. This is similar to stability ball training. This kind of climbing is one of the secrets to his youthfulness.

He also feels young just because he's doing stuff most people would only attempt at a young age. The emotional challenge and the physical exertion keep him young.

In the end, the scenic views and sense of adventure and accomplishment were worth it. Especially at the end when we were saved from possibly deadly results.

For a while, I was getting a bit worried. We had no trail to follow and we were completely alone and lost, trying to go back down the steep grades of this mountain. I was constantly vigilant of losing my balance and tumbling down the mountain. I was often sliding and did fall a couple of times, but recovered quickly. My father fell at least once as well.

No one else was climbing the mountain. And we were both exhausted and thirsty and it was getting near sunset. We were also exhausted, on top of the fact that we had to get down and it was quite steep and difficult in many areas.

We often had to hang on to branches and jump to rocks. We frequently fell and slid on loose rocks. We also had to go across instead of down so we could find more passable terrain. We saw two large animal poops, maybe bear or elk. We also saw hoof prints later on and that was very high up.

I couldn't imagine how fit four legged animals that live on this mountain must be.

Near the end of coming down (I had no idea how much longer it would last. We went up for over two hour's total time.) We went up to 6,000 feet or so. We found a cool pond which turned into a stream.

That water was so cold and to us it was like "The Fountain Of Youth". It was probably melted snow. We even saw a snowy patch on another nearby mountain in an area that was protected from direct sunlight. (People ski at Mt. Hood, Oregon, all year round. And I saw the snow covered mountain from the plane. Snow was not at the lower part of Mt. Hood.)

Anyway that water was a gift from God. Just previous to that I was asking for divine intervention and it came within five minutes. I didn't expect water, but a way to get back to our truck.

I drank up the cool and I think clean water and so did my father. I still feel fine. We didn't see any pollution in this area at all.

After finding the ice-cold stream, I was totally relieved and refreshed. I felt better than when I first started the climb because finally I wasn't thirsty anymore. My legs and body were worn out but after drinking the water I had renewed energy levels.

Later on we came to the point where there was a mini waterfall. It sounded so peaceful and pristine; we both felt we were in heaven, even though we still hadn't found the road to get us back to the truck. At that point we were just enjoying our experience.

Here's a 30 second video clip I took with my cellphone camera of this little stream that saved us. Now that we took care of our extreme thirst we only had to make sure to get out of the forest before nightfall. It was very close to sunset and so we could have been stuck for a night in the woods.

That was what we were really afraid of because prior to the water, we would have had to spend the night in the woods without any source of water. So half our problems were solved by finding our little fountain of youth. I was never so happy to drink water.

** Pictures Of Our Day **

** My father makes a typical raw food newbie mistake

My father was exhausted also because he only had four bananas and maybe 20 cherries for his breakfast over 7 hours previous. Whereas I had about 7 bananas, plus wild blackberries in a couple of green smoothies. I was really full at the time. I also had three more bananas to try and quench my thirst before we climbed again. They only helped a little bit in relieving my thirst. However, I consumed 2.5 times the calories that my father did and we are about the same height and weight.

Later he complained that four bananas were not enough and he remembered the last time he climbed this mountain he ate a bowl of cereal just before he climbed and that his energy levels were fine then.

I explained to him that he just didn't eat enough calories. It has nothing to do with needing complex carbohydrates. Fruits fill you up on much fewer calories because they are filled with water and fiber that is missing in cooked food.

I had loads of energy. On our first climb (before I was thirsty, I was running up the mountain in the easier areas to climb. I wanted to make sure I got a good workout. (Turns out that wasn't necessary.) So I had enough energy, he just didn't eat enough calories to sustain him for such a long and taxing climb.

This is a typical problem with people first eating a raw food diet. They almost always feel full on about half to 2/3rd of the calories they are used to eating. But they complain they are always hungry or don't have enough energy.

** Old Age Is Not A Disease **

My father's physical abilities at 66 years of age are awesome. I bet you only 1% of 66 year olds in the US can do what he did with me today.

I'm sick of hearing people complain they can't do things because of their age. They believe age somehow gives them all these diseases. It's not age but years and years of poor eating, health and fitness habits that cause their so-called, old age diseases.

Heck I had arthritis in my late twenties but now at 39 and on a raw food diet, I don't have arthritis anymore. Just another example that it has nothing to do with age.

** Are they from Mars?

About ten minutes after finding the stream and drinking from several places in the stream, we actually saw two people with two dogs and a camper. I think they thought we were from Mars.

They were camping there and probably thought they were the only ones around. They were very nice and told us where the road was and would have driven us back I believe if we asked.

But we stubbornly marched on. It turns out we overshot the truck by at least a mile. We went further down the mountain than where we had started.

We had to walk uphill on the rocky road for over a mile and by that point my father was like a zombie. He was so tired that he didn't have the energy to talk.

Lack of calories was the main reason why. He hit the wall and was conserving all of his strength to make it back to the truck. I was fairly energetic and talkative at this point considering our previous energy expenditures.

We eventually made it to the truck. Just before we got to the truck we ran into a couple sitting in a car and camping there. They also seemed shocked to see us walking there.

They asked where we were going and I said to our car. They said that only goes to the river, but my father turned right and went up this hill that only a 4-wheel drive can go up. That is when I finally remembered we had driven here to park before.

Then I said to them we actually have a truck. We finally made it.

I think they were concerned for our safety and wanted to make sure we would be ok and couldn't imagine we had driven up that steep and bumpy hill.

I must say, I saw so much beauty in our quest. It was just gorgeous and the pictures won't do it justice. When we were walking back, I saw a lake we had seen from way above while we were climbing. I took a picture of it from up there. I also took several pictures of it when I saw it up close. It was really beautiful to see.

Hopefully the rest of my vacation won't be as challenging as the last two days.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. If you want to stay fit and healthy until your very last day then consider joining us at Members also get complete access to the Lightning Speed Fitness Program included at no extra charge as well.

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My Number One Tip For Going Raw

I've found the most important ingredient to raw food success is getting expert support.

Many people have read about the raw food diet, tried it and failed numerous times for one reason or another. I was one of those people. It took me five years of trial and error and still no success at staying 100% raw.

My health improved a lot in that time, but I wanted the complete benefits of going raw that can only happen by eating a total raw food diet (nothing cooked).

I was not able to stay raw for extended periods until I found a raw food support group and then a raw food mentor. He then introduced me to Dr. Douglas Graham.

With the right support naturally comes the right information and I was finally able to stay raw. It's as if I needed reverse brainwashing. I had been indoctrinated for years in all sorts of false nutritional concepts. The protein myth still pervaded my thinking, among many other false ideas about nutrition.

The problem with trying to succeed with only reading books is that even in the raw food world there are many highly contradictory theories. You get so confused and afraid, you no longer know what to do.

Also what happens when you experience a problem, can you ask a book a question? Of course not, you want to be able to interact with real people. If you see them doing it, then you think, you can do it. When I first went raw I only knew one raw foodist. If you no a group of people them it becomes a more real possibility.

You realize it's not a constant struggle for them. In fact, they now prefer staying 100% raw and it's easy for them to stick with their health giving raw diet.

Since I've been involved with raw food support groups in NYC and even started my own that meets every Monday night in Manhattan I've realized that the people who attend the meetings regularly seem to have the most success at going raw.

Once you have a nice support group and possibly even a raw food mentor or a raw food coach, things start looking much easier to you.

So here's what I suggest you do. Find or start your own local raw food support group. Even if you don't know much about going raw it doesn't matter. The key is you want to go raw and have others supporting you in this as well. Eventually you'll run into people with more experience and maybe they'll want to help you lead the meetings.

If you prefer, you can also get support online. I suggest following only one raw food system at a time.

If you go to many of the free forums on the Internet, you can actually get scared off of eating raw. There are so many conflicting theories it can really throw you off the path in a hurry.

So find a system you believe in and stick with it and nothing else. Personally, I think my site is the best raw food-coaching site on the Internet. It's also one of the best values by far.

My site teaches you Nature's Diet, The Optimal Raw Food Diet. You get consistent support and start to develop a raw food family in our supportive and non-judgmental forums.

You can also hire a Raw Food Coach for telephone and email coaching if you feel you need or want more personal support. This is not necessary but it can really help you through the initial hurdles of going raw.

Most of the hurdles are in your mind and it takes a lot of unlearning to help you succeed. Remember you can get the support you need in a number of ways. But expert support from experienced raw foodists is the best way to succeed at going 100% raw.

Expert support is my number one tip for going raw.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

My Testimonial: How The Raw Food Diet Transformed My Life

I just wanted to share with you how the raw food diet has transformed my life. I hope my story might help you to improve your life with a healthier diet.

Q: What is your background? How did you find-out about the health benefits of raw foods and what caused you to make the switch?

I was a college graduate trying to find myself all the while experiencing depression and panic attacks for 6.5 years. It was a miserable and desperate time of my life. I was truly alone and barely getting by at menial clerical types of jobs because my depression made me unable to really deal with people or to handle greater responsibilities. I experienced tremendous fears and it took all my concentration just to make it through a work day. I also had other health problems most of which quickly resolved when I switched to eating a raw food diet.

Then one day after over six years of suffering (I was getting a little better but never overcame the depression) I went to a medical nutritionist and he recommended I take certain supplements and to read a diet book called, "Fit For Life." I skipped the supplements and read the book instead.

As soon as I finished reading that book I decided to introduce a lot more fruit into my diet. Within one day, my depression and panic attacks went away. That book cleared many of my fears and misconceptions about fruit eating. Though later on I was to get negatively brainwashed by other books that taught the raw food diet.

Q: What is the benefit you enjoy the most from the raw food diet?

Feeling happy almost all the time. Eating raw has made me much happier than I ever was before going raw. I call it happiness from the cellular level. Happiness for no particular reason at all.

I just enjoy life much more. Some people think going raw is such a burden, but for many people they have to find a reason to be happy or to enjoy the day. That just comes naturally for me these days.

I also enjoy the electrical feeling of my food. Raw fruits and vegetables have a magnetic charge which is no longer there in cooked foods. I think eating raw harmonizes the body and spirit and that is why I feel so much happier.

Of course, I still strive for goals and feel happy when achieving them, but I don't need a particular reason to be happy.

Q: What are some of the health conditions you overcame by eating raw?

When I discovered the raw food diet, it dramatically changed my life. I overcame six and a half miserable years of depression and anxiety attacks after just one day of eating a 50% raw food diet. All my life I used to be moody and lazy, this healthy diet quickly changed this.

Diseases and Conditions I Overcame:
* Depression
* Arthritis
* Gum Disease
* No more infections
* Cooked Food Addiction
* Lungs filled with Mucous
* Laziness
* Moodiness
* Mental Fog after Meals
* Anxiety Attacks
* Irritability: I rarely get mad anymore. If I do it's only for a few seconds and then it dissipates.
* Premature Aging: I got a natural facelift. Actually the skin on my whole body got tighter.

Success Diet:

Can you imagine a diet that actually leads you to success. It's not just about rapid weight loss. I lost 15 pounds in one month while eating as much as I wanted. You'll almost never see an obese 100% raw foodist, as long as they don't eat a lot of high fat and dehydrated foods. I've yet to encounter one anyway.

I actually got smarter, happier, more creative, had more energy and so much more.

This diet also acts as a Magical Fountain of Youth. My body started to feel like rubber. My skin got tighter producing a totally natural face-lift and whole body skin tightening. I am less prone to injury. In fact, I am running faster on the tennis court than when I was a teenager. My arthritis went away in a very short time.

One of the most amazing things was that my lungs cleared out tremendously. I'm able to breathe 20% deeper breaths. Regular indoor air is so invigorating that I feel I'm in a pristine pine forest in Vermont. This is compared to not being able to breathe deep breaths. For the first time in my life, I am able to go jogging without having to open my mouth to breathe.

I want you to know that I love my raw food lifestyle now. It was a struggle at first, but had I known the things I know now it would have been much easier and I could have been 100% successful a long time ago.

Stick with me so you can take the shortcut to raw food diet success. Radiant health and vibrant happiness do not have to come at the loss of great tasting foods. You'll learn that there are now many Gourmet Raw Food Vegan Restaurants opening up all around the United States and the rest of the world. You can learn to prepare tasty raw foods dishes and never feel deprived at all. These foods taste better than cooked foods because they haven't been damaged by heating.

Better yet you can simplify your diet and develop what I call Gourmet Taste Buds. The longer you go raw and the simpler you eat the more refined your taste buds become and then simple foods start to taste amazingly good by themselves without spices, cooking or combining with other foods.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. The key to success with the Raw Food Diet is the right knowlege and expert support. My raw food coaching website provides you that plus a community of like minded raw foodists and so much more. Go raw the quick and easy way and experience the over 40 amazing benefits that only the best diet in the world can give.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Freedom Principles and Harry Browne

I often talk about what I call the Freedom Principles and how they are really useful if you're trying to become a raw foodist. But also just fantastic for anyone in life.

Now I found a website that is dedicated to such principles. It also has a page in which the main principles in Harry Browne's classic book "How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World," are discussed. So if you don't have access to his book, you can get a good idea of what it's about by reading this page.

Freedom Principles are a key to being happy. Many people have severe misunderstandings about life. Thinking it's good to suffer, to put the interests of others above your own. In most situations that's just not necessary and in fact, each party is less well served by your sacrifice of happiness.

It's all explained very well in the book. I encourage you to check this site out and see if you're not better off after having read some of the information there.


Spiritual Supercharger

Start your day with a Spiritual Multivitamin. This multivatimin is doing a spiritual or visualization exercise.

When I do this to start my day, I shape the day to be one filled with power, joy and beauty. I attract what I want and I tune in naturally to my source. My consciousness expands and I carry the light with me.

So if you want to start your day in the right direction, spend some time tuning into God and focusing on what you want in life.

For more ideas you may want to visit my site


How Magic Questions Helped To Create This Blog

For the past month or so I've been searching for a good blogging solution. I already had a blog hosted on Blogger but I wasn't happy with the features nor the way it looked.

I researched numerous other ways to blog. I tried Wordpress but didn't want to have to bother with anything technical, yet I wanted the blog to look good and have similar features that a Wordpress blog has.

A couple of weeks ago I was aware that had a new beta version, but when I researched it a little I realized I would have had to change my old blogs over to the new beta format.

What if I didn't like the new format, there was no way to go back to the old blog format. So that theory was out of the question for the time being.

I guess I had been searching for so many blogging solutions on that day that my creativity was overloaded and I didn't ask myself this simple Magic Question.

Why not simply create another account with Google and then create a test blog with their beta system and see if I like it. In fact, I already had two accounts with Google, but I didn't remember this right away.

But as you can see, I already have my blog up and running with three posts in this new beta format.

This was only possible because I asked a different question. Instead of succumbing to the old obstacle I simply tried to find a way around it. Just by having that open minded state of mind and by asking myself a different question, I came up with a solution I'm 95% happy with.

Now some of you will think this is obvious what I did. And many of you would have automatically done the same thing as I did. But realize this has been a big problem for me for over a month.

I didn't want anything technical. I just wanted a nice looking blog that I could customize and which had the features I wanted. Trust me, you can spend countless wasted hours on the Internet in finding such a solution. I must have spent over 20 hours including reading excerpts from an ebook on Wordpress and following the instructions.

I even downloaded two blog authoring software tools and created my own Wordpress Blog, I emailed friends about their blogs. I readcountless sales letters and opened trial accounts. But ti turns out that the Beta Blogger is almost perfect for my needs.

How can the concept of Magic Questions help you?

What if you wanted to get into a certain business but assumed it would take you many years before you ever made any money and that you'd never even have a chance to take a vacation for the next five years.

If you loved to travel and have time off, these beliefs might completely stifle you. But what if your beliefs were just wrong?

What if there was a way for you to run a manufacturing business and not be tied to it day and night? If you asked yourself this question, you asked yourself a Magic Question.

This is why extensive reading is also important in your life. I already know there is such a solution. Just one example is the E-Myth by Michael Gerber. I must have read his book over ten years ago. You're only as good as the information in your head.

If you want to expand your possibilities then expand your reading list of positive books.


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Which group are you in?

I had to share this idea from "The Attractor Factor," by Dr. Joe Vitale. I have some friends who could use this advice and so I figured I'd copy a couple of paragraphs out of Joe's fantatic book. From page 35 & 36.


Years ago, Scrully Blotnick conducted a study of 1,500 people. They were put into two categories: Category A said they would pursue money first and do what they really wanted to do later. Over 1,245 people went into that group. Category B, made up of 255 people, said they would seek their interests first, and trust that money would follow later.

What happened?

Twenty years later, there were 101 millionaires from the entire group. Only one came from group A. The remaining 100 millionaires all came from group B, the group that said they would pursue their passions first and let money come later. Right there is another clue on how to attract money.

Where is your focus--on money or passion?

I can tell you I've always been in the second group. It took me a very long time to figure what I was passionate about and turn it into a career. But because of that choice, every day is a great day for me. I work at doing things I enjoy and excell at. I'm already retired in that sense.

Life is a total pleasure and almost every day of my life I find something or many things to be passionate about. Life is truly a joy.

If you focus on your passion, you'll feel the same way.

Of course there are other factors involved in your happiness. You have to have good health. You need to understand freedom principles so you live the life you want to live and not what someone else or society wants from you.

Cheers, Roger

What a beautiful day

This is the first post on my brand new blog. It's a gorgeous fall day outside. After I take a spiritual vitamin for the soul (my spiritual exercise) I'll be doing a pushup workout and then going for a run out in the crisp and sunny fall weather.

I'll be using this blog to put up ideas as they come to me. They may not always be well formed, but I think you'll feel the excitement.

I plan on sharing information about myself as well as the peak performance techniques I teach. I look forward to your comments and participation.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. Focus only on
what you want and take daily inspired action.