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I give this resource my absolute highest recommendation. I have been a member of the Manifestation Portal for about a year and I just love it.

There are two reasons I'm telling you about this site today.

1. It's on sale until Friday, January 5th. And not only is the price reduced by 20%, but you can give away a second membership to a friend at no additional cost to you. Or split the cost of membership with a friend and save 60%. (Actually, the sale has been extended to this coming Friday, January 12.

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2. This the world's most comprehensive resource on "The Secret" in other words, "The Law of Attraction." I spoke extensively about these principles in my last post: "The Groundhog Day Technique Revisited."

Not only that but the Manifestation Portal also covers other vital areas in the personal development field and healing. Some of my articles are part of this collection as well.

I love the audio interviews with the top experts in the field of manifestation in the world. Plus there are videos, ebooks and even classic audio recordings. One is a classic 50-minute audio of the late Earl Nightingale of his superb recording, "The Strangest Secret." That is one of the all time best selling audio recordings in the personal development field.

I'm a self-improvement junkie and have read and listened to hundreds of books, audio programs and seminars in the field of self-improvement, law of attraction and spirituality over the last 25 years. I can tell you that this is a high quality collection self-improvement educational materials.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. These are not just promotional audios but you learn all the details of how to activate your imagination and start attracting your heart's ultimate desires.

Here are some of the manifestation experts that have contributed audio mp3 interviews that are over an hour long. You can load these into your Ipod and listen whenever you need some inspiration. Or you can listen directly from the website with their convenient streaming technology which means you don't need to download the audios to listen to them.

** These Interviews Are Guaranteed To Improve Your Life **

* Dr. Joe Vitale: (author of "The Attractor Factor")

* John Harricharan: (author of "The Power Pause.")

* Chris Westra: I loved his interview and have incorporated many of his ideas into my everyday life.

* Mike Dooley: Who appeared in the movie, "The Secret."

* Ghalil: Author of the very powerful and inspired book, "Professional Dreamer," that I've recommended to my readers in the past.

* Carol Tuttle: An energy healer and an expert in helping people "To Get Clear" as explained in "Spiritual Marketing."

Plus 12 more manifestation experts are interviewed.

You also get access to "live calls" with experts like:

* Gary Ryan Blair: The Goals Guy and seller of over 4.5 million books

* Randy Gage: "The Millionaire Messiah" This guy will show you the wealth mindset.

* Ted Ciuba: Cofounder of "The World Internet Summit," and teacher of the "Think and Grow Rich," prosperity principles.

More Goodies:

=> You even get a free ticket (worth $4.95) to watch the movie, "The Secret."

=> Definitely check out the "Secret M-Files" audio interviews: Advanced Level. There are hours of video and even Brainwave MP3's.

=> See Videos of Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn and Deepak Chopra

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. This is a truly valuable resource. The best part is that you get over 50 hours on audio. I love being able to do other things while I listen to these uplifting recordings.

Listening to just 5 minutes of any of these audios to start your day is a great way to automatically implement the concepts in the Groundhog Day Technique.

Remember this sale lasts only through Friday, January 12th and then the price will go up and you won't be able to get the extra membership for a friend.

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To Your Success and Happiness, Roger Haeske

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cancel Painful Mistakes... The Groundhog Day Technique Revisited!

(I originally wrote this article in 2002. It was quite popular back then and I improved this version with a little editing.)

Do you feel stuck on the treadmill of life? Are your days less than exciting and lacking fulfillment? Do you regret certain things you've done and wish you could have a 'do over'?

Then you may be interested in learning what I call "The Groundhog Day Technique." Part of this technique, I gleaned from the book, Awakened Imagination, by Neville Goddard and the other part, from the classic movie "Groundhog Day," with Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell. I've used this method with great results for years. May it be as useful to you.

Awakened Imagination has a chapter on forgiving yourself and recreating your day, the way you would have liked it to go, in your imagination. By closing my eyes and viewing the day, the way I want it to be, I am, in a sense, rewriting my reality. It's just like being in the movie Groundhog Day.

In that movie, the main character, Bill Murray (the egotistical weatherman Phil Conners), constantly relives a snowy Groundhog Day (up to 10 years worth of the same day), February 2nd in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. For most of the movie, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania is the last place he wants to be. This is the town where if the groundhog sees his shadow, we are supposed to have six more weeks of winter.

Every morning he wakes up at 6am to the same old song and voices on the radio, and its Groundhog Day all over again. Everything is exactly the same. Things can only change if he takes different actions. He is the only person who remembers what happened on the previous versions of Groundhog Day. For everyone else, it's like any other normal day, and they don't know what is going to happen or remember the past versions of the day.

It is one of my favorite movies. He goes through many different experiences. He realizes he doesn't have to suffer any consequences because the next day he gets to start all over again.

Therefore, he indulges himself with all sorts of food and pastries. He finds out personal details about a woman so he can convince her they went to the same high school in order to get her to sleep with him. On later days, he starts breaking the law and he ends up in jail, but in the morning, he wakes up in the hotel and its Groundhog Day, all over again.

Later he kills himself. He does so several times but the next day he wakes up in the same bed and it's Groundhog Day all over again.

After thousands of days of the same day, he starts turning himself into a better man. He starts saving people, taking piano lessons, learnes the names of all the people in the town and gets to know just about everyone.

Eventually he is able to get his girl, but only when he's given up on that goal, via manipulation and trickery and instead is just doing good deeds, all day long and being himself. She ends up loving him because of the man he became. Previously he tried to seduce her by knowing all her interests but she intuitively felt something was wrong.

It is a wonderful movie and even has a few funny moments in it. I don't understand why people call it a comedy. It's actually a deeply inspiring spiritual story.

Your Own Groundhog Day

In essence, we have our own Groundhog Days every time we wake up. We can choose to live our lives and get the most out of them or be like Bill Murray was at first; very negative and self-centered. Each day is a chance to improve on the previous day. And we can even correct problems from the past.

How To Do The Groundhog Day Technique

Before falling asleep at night, simply visualize your day the way you would have liked it to go. Do you wish you didn't do or say something? Do you wish you had worked on a project instead of channel surfing the TV for 4 hours and having watched nothing interesting? Just look at your whole day and see areas of your day the way you wish they were. Make it a reality in your imagination. Even if you got negative news, replay it in your imagination in a positive light.

Even if events happen, you can take away the sting by visualizing a positive outcome. Say you had an argument with someone at work. You can visualize the experience, as having gone on without any confrontation at all. The amazing thing is that your visualization will affect the other person on a subconscious level. I've proven this in my own life repeatedly. We are all interconnected spiritually. If you send out positive vibrations, then only good things will come back to you. You don't have to react to circumstances -- you can create them.

If you visualize bad things, then bad things will come back to you. Don't be quick to anger because it will come back to you. Your thoughts are very powerful -- you must be careful with them. Be careful in how you speak to yourself, in your inner dialogue. What you say will manifest itself in some form in your life. It may simply manifest in limited thinking and therefore limited results.

Now to the second part of the technique: I start my day in the morning by visualizing how I would like my day to go. You can visualize things you expect to do. You can also visualize meeting people or having a day of adventure. You'll certainly have a better chance of attracting these things into your life if you expect them to happen. You can even repeat to yourself that you are going to have a magical day. Try it, it works.

Say it Now: "I'm going to have a magical day."

I've been getting fantastic results. I get much more accomplished. Plus my day is infused with the magic of imagination. I live the life I've imagined and it is extremely enjoyable.

Visualization is equivalent to programming a computer, except you are programming your own mind. It's a great way to get you doing more of what you really want to do, even if you have some initial resistance or bad habits.

I just do a short reading of a spiritually inspiring book and then I do my visualization for 10 to 15 minutes. Then at night, I do another visualization as I go to bed and relive my day the way I would have liked it to go. But as I'm improving, I find less need to revise the day because I am more and more happy with the way my day is going.

You could shorten the technique even more by doing it at night in bed as you are falling asleep. Then in the morning visualize your day going the way you want it to go while you are still in bed. Even if you just put in 5 minutes a day, morning and night total, the technique is quite effective because you are creating your day rather than reacting to it.

Another thing you can do is to revise past events that are still bothering you. They could have been from years back. However, if you have guilt or anger from a past event, that anger is still affecting you in the present. You have to forgive to be able to move on in life.

Anger and feelings of guilt, attract discord and negative results in your life. That is why it's not good to be argumentative or to be pessimistic. You attract into your life what you imagine and what you BELIEVE you are. Why not be an optimist instead? You'll find that you have a much more positive and magical life when you do this.

The Greatest Power Is Your Imagination, Roger Haeske

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