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Why You Don't Need Self-Discipline To Succeed

If you have to use self-discipline in your work, you are doomed to failure.

I don't have a self-disciplined bone in my body. We all do self-disciplined activities every day, even if we don't recognize them as such. We move towards things we like and love, and move away from things that cause us pain.

Do you think I'm writing this article because I am self-disciplined? Hell no! I'm writing it because I get pleasure out of doing this - just as I get pleasure from exercising, and I get pleasure from eating a raw food diet.

Many people can't imagine gaining pleasure from writing, exercising, or eating a Vegan Raw Food Diet. But I, in fact, love doing these things. However, there was a time in my life when I was in high school and college that I hated computers, writing, lifting weights and eating fruits and vegetables.

So how did I do it? Did I use self-discipline to make myself all of a sudden like these things? Absolutely not. I am horrible at self-discipline. But I am a motivated person as all people are. Every single one of us on this planet is motivated towards something.

Many of us are very self-disciplined at watching TV, going to movies, playing video games, surfing the web, eating out at our favorite restaurants, or hanging out with friends. So we are all self-disciplined.

Get it out of your mind that you lack self-discipline. Everyone is completely self-disciplined. You can get yourself to do just about anything if you really want to do it.

Life is about gaining pleasure and avoiding pain, not about self-discipline. You must learn to master the two main motivating forces in life: Pleasure and Pain.

Why do we file our income taxes? For most of us it's not for the pleasure of it, but to avoid the pain of going to jail or paying heavy fines. Why do we want to go on vacation? Because we picture all the enjoyment we will have.

So the key question is: how was I (and how will you) be able to get yourself to do things that you currently don't like?

There's obviously going to be a need of change in your mindset. Are you going to have to force yourself against your own will? This, I'm afraid, can't be done for any great length of time. Willpower doesn't last for very long.

What you have to do is to associate in your mind more pleasure with the new activity and more pain with the old activity. Then you have to keep consciously doing this until you have established a new habit. A new habit usually takes about 21 days to solidify, though it could take only a week.

Why is it that I enjoy writing now? It's not the actual writing I enjoy, it's the ability to express my ideas. I have a burning desire to help people discover their full potential. Whenever I discover something really helpful, I love sharing it. That's just my personality type.

Several years ago I realized that writing is one way, I can reach many people both via the Internet and through authoring books. My desire for expression and the income I could receive from writing overpowered my absolute disgust at writing.

I also had a major change in my outlook in 1987 so that I felt I had something to write about. I started keeping a journal and often wrote in it several times throughout the day. Eventually it dawned on me that I liked writing.

I especially realized that I like writing letters to friends. I have no problem whipping out long emails. I know that most people are not like that. But this is all related to desire.

How did I get myself to do a Raw Food Vegan Diet? This is the most restrictive diet out there. Being a Vegan is much easier than being a Raw Food Vegan. I motivated myself by reading books about the diet. I was so impressed by what could be done I figured what the heck, I'll give it a try. Right away, this diet cured me of a six and a half year depression. That is powerful motivation.

Eliminating the pain of depression motivated me to do the raw diet. If I ate at least 50% raw foods throughout the day, I felt fine. When I had days where I ate all cooked food, I quickly got back into a depressed state. This has happened over and over so I know it is the cooked food causing this. In fact, I had tried several other diets but they didn't have anything close to the effects of a raw diet. So I know it wasn't a placebo effect.

But that was only a 50 to 70% raw diet. Yet I knew there were many other benefits I would achieve if I could go 100%. One day I ** decided ** to go 100% raw by focusing on all the benefits and equating cooked food to being worse than smoking. If you know me, I hate smoking with a passion. So these things worked to get me started off.

Then I said I'd just do it for one month. If I don't like it, I can always go back. I gave myself the freedom to go back - hoping I would choose to stay raw. During the initial week, I had a hard time. I was on vacation and we were passing all these great restaurants. I started focusing on all the meals I was missing out on. This made me very hungry.

Then I realized what I was subconsciously doing. So I changed my thoughts and focused on how well I was feeling and on all the amazing benefits that I would reap from doing this diet. I also realized that one day it would be easy for me to eat raw when it became a habit.

That day has come. I never think about going out to cooked food restaurants anymore. That desire has completely left me. To completely get rid of the desire for cooked food took me about a year. But each week was easier than the week before.

You can train yourself to like anything. If you like it or love it, you will be very self-disciplined. So remember to use the force of desire and you'll never fail again by trying to use the concept of self-discipline or will power. This desire you create must be a raging desire. It must be really strong to get you over the hurdle.

A few years back I discovered a program that will teach you how to find out what you really want out of your life. This contrarian success program by Jack Zufelt and is called, "The DNA of Success." In it Jack shows you how to uncover your true Core Desires. For most people this takes some digging. But this program has a simple series of questions to help you discover your Core Desires.

Once you find your Core Desires, they will unleash the Conquering Force of Desire within you. You will be motivated by desire and not self-discipline to achieve your dreams. It's these super power Core Desires that will make you self-disciplined. But you'll just feel like you are having fun.

If you are like many other people and don't know what you want out of life then this is the program for you.

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To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

The Real Secret To Conquering Anxiety!

Conquering anxiety, fear and depression is fairly easy once you know the source of it. In this post I'm going to show you the surprising source of all fears. When you understand this principle, you'll be able to use it for much more than overcoming anxiety, it can revolutionize your life.

I'm also going to share some quotes from the Orison S. Marden special report entitled "Courage." You can get your own complimentary copy of it by going to this page.

Getting back to the previous blog post and why I thought his writing is so powerful. On a certain level, I have to agree with the person criticizing Orison's report as not having much 'direct' self-help information. But it's loaded with indirect courage and character boosters.

So I'll share some of his quotes and inject some of my responses to these quotes. But first let me explain about the cause of fear and anxiety.

The Source of All Fears and Anxieties

In my previous blog post, I stated this:

I'll share with you an insight on the cause of fear and how to easily beat fear by simply changing your perspective. It's really all about "looking and creating"

What I'm telling you is very important. Don't overlook what you are about to read. This could change your life if you understand and apply it.

If you've ever experienced fear, I can show you how to shut it off instantly and I'll show you the source of all fear. Once you understand the source of the fear, then it's much easier to turn it off.

Fear can only happen if you LOOK in a certain direction. What I mean by that is the looker inside of us, the consciousness that is you, or soul is constantly looking. This looking is actually creating your reality.

What most souls don't realize is that they are constantly creating their reality by what they look at. Or another way of saying it is, by what thoughts and images they CHOOSE to think about and feel.

Fear is nothing but an image and emotion. It's something we look at from a spiritual perspective. The more we look at fear, the stronger the fear becomes. We are the actual creator of our own fears. Yes that's right. Let me say it again.

We are the creator of our own fears. We are the very source of the thing we fear.

To get rid of fear instantly, all we have to do is to look at something else in our imagination. How can you fear what you don't see or feel? Look at images of happiness, success, light and love. You can't have fear while you're looking at them.

The problem is people wrongly believe that fear is something outside of themselves. However, I've realized that fear is simply an inner image that I have at times chosen to look at. This quote from Marden might help you.

"Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste death but once."

If you understand that quote, you instantly understand what you need to do. Live your life in the moment and never look at thoughts of fear. Deal with fear only in the moment it's happening. Then you'll only have to face fear once, if at all. In truth, you never have to face fear if you don't create fear by looking at it.

When This Technique Doesn't Fully Work

Now I must say one thing here. During my 6.5 years of depression, this technique did not completely work for me. My body and brain were so messed up that I simply couldn't shake the emotional feeling of gloom and doom. My body chemistry didn't allow me to expand to a state of happiness, even when doing my darndest to focus on happiness.

If you are depressed or have subtle nagging fears it could very well be your diet. I've met so many people who went raw and overcame depression by going raw. For me all it took was one day and my depression was over.

If you want to overcome depression, feel years younger, lose excess fat around the middle and operate at peak mental and physical efficiency, then I suggest you check out for the coaching, support and motivation to make going raw fun and enjoyable.

During my depression I focused on God as much as possible. I chanted spiritual words all through my workday. But this was only good enough to get me to survive the day, not to feel happy. But if your brain is functioning properly, this technique will work for you right away.

But it doesn't just apply to fear, it applies to anything else in life. What you ignore dies in your consciousness and what you focus upon magnifies. If you feel cravings for an unhealthy food, those cravings are all created by what you are looking at. Yes it's true.

The battle in life is mostly a battle in the mind.

Here Are The Rest Of The Orison Marden Quotes

Please keep one thing in mind. These quotes are about 100 years old. So when he's talking about "man" you can insert "human" instead. Even in his report on "Courage" he shares a story of a famous female author. That's just a limitation of the English language and no one was politically correct in those days.

"No one believes in him because he does not believe in himself."

If you have constant fears and doubts then you'll never move towards a successful life. I know this from my own experience and seeing it in those around me.

Fear keeps people trapped. Fear must be overcome and self-confidence instilled. Again, this is all a looking process.

"Much of what passes for heroism, when in great catastrophes men rescue others from burning buildings or perform daring deeds in a railroad wreck or shipwreck, or on the field of battle, is born of excitement and a natural impulse to rush into danger.

Greater than all these heroes is the man who, in the face of ridicule, amid the sneers and contempt of fellowman, in spite of popular clamor, stands true to principle, justice, right. Moral courage is a nobler, higher thing than mere physical, courage.

There is a sublimity about moral courage which seems to ride triumphantly over the difficulties which awe timid souls because it releases us from the fear of man, the fear of public opinion, the fear of criticism and denunciation of our fellows."

Reading the above three paragraphs made me realize it is right to stand for my convictions, even if everyone around me is telling me I am wrong and hating me for it. A leader often has to take an unpopular stand in life. I can't stand politicians who only take action after they have studied the polls. Where is their backbone? What about doing what is right?

"What a rare thing it is to find a man who is courageous enough to say what he thinks, to think out loud; has the courage to step out of the crowd, to make his own creed and live it!"


"A great deal of unhappiness and vice of the world is owing to weakness and indecision, in other words, to lack of courage and want of industry. Men may know what is right, and yet fail to exercise the courage to do it; they may understand the duty they have to do but will not summon up the requisite resolution to perform it.

The weak and undisciplined man is at the mercy of every temptation, he cannot say "no," and if his companionship be bad, he will be all the more easily led away by evil example and wrong doing."

The last quote is so powerful for me, because I have a friend who's falling victim to those problems. But the quotes made clear at least to me, what the problem was. I really hope she reads my post. I already sent her the Marden report, but I can't force her to read it.

Did you notice this part of the quote?: "if his companionship be bad" If you want to be a success you have to be very careful who you spend the majority of your time with. Also be careful who you let your children spend time with. This is crucial.

"Positive men, decisive men of force, may take false steps, may make mistakes, sometimes serious ones, but in a lifetime they accomplish infinitely more than the negative, timid character, who never dared to push ahead or risk making a mistake. The over cautious person, the one who always weighs and balances an reconsiders every step lest he make a slip, may have a safe career, but never a great one. It is ever the bold man, the independent, aggressive, forceful character, the man of strong convictions who is victorious."

The above quote is truly inspiring. The road to success is paved with many mistakes. The key is not to repeat the same mistake. If you want to get really good at something, you have to make the most mistakes.

"He can't who thinks he can't, is just as true as, he can who thinks he can. As we think, so we are."

Ok then, I hope you enjoyed these quotes and that you now know how to conquer fear forever.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. You can get your free copy of Orison S. Marden's report on "Courage" by clicking on this link:

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Roger Makes Admissions About His Last Email!

You know it's really interesting being in this business of helping people to improve their lives and doing so over the Internet. This past Sunday I sent out an email to my Superbeing Secrets subscribers and customers with the subject line: This Hang-up Ruins Most People!

As usual, I get quite a varying degree of responses but I had to answer someone who gave me somewhat negative feedback on the free report I was giving away. I think he was being honest and from his perspective, maybe even correct, but personally, I disagree.

I'll post his feedback to me below and then I'll give you feedback from a woman who was influenced to go for her dreams after reading this report. The report is called "Courage" and it's by the father of the modern self-help movement, Orison S. Marden.

A far as the 1st report goes, ("Courage" by Orison Marden) it's not so much about self-help: in fact, the only how-to was found nearly at the end, in that positive self-talk suggestion for times of discouragement -may well be a good one, but nothing special, definitely not up to the hype ("by definition", you could argue, but... you get the point). If I were you, I would share a more powerful content in your free report -provided the Marden's writings you own are rich enough in that respect. Hope this helps.

Take care!

I happen to believe the content was indeed very powerful. But it's possible for some people to not have recognized the golden wisdom revealed on every single page of the report.

* People who haven't experienced much fear or terror in their lives, might not understand the significance of what Marden was communicating.

* People who have not been in a position of leadership and doing what is right, despite significant personal and emotional cost to them, might not understand the significance of what Marden was writing.

* People who have not been ostracized by society, friends and the people they work with for taking an unpopular stand, might not understand the value of what is written here.

* People who are so cowardly that they never in their lives stood up for 'what they believe in' in the first place, might not understand why what Marden wrote is so important.

* People who have not been through depression and have had to live in fear for many years of their lives, might not understand the significance of what the great Orison S. Marden shared in his report.

To me his writing is loaded with valuable information that isn't so common even in this day and age, in the field of self-improvement.

I can say so because I actually copied many paragraphs directly out of the report to share with you. Mind you, I had to manually type these out, as I was not allowed to actually copy and paste anything from this report directly.

Therefore, if I'm going to take my valuable time, to copy and type these paragraphs so that I can share them with my readers, they must contain something of worth. After all, I've been studying in the self-help field at least since 1981 or 26 years. I've read hundreds of books, attended seminars, led seminars, authored books and reports etc. in this field. I know what I'm talking about.

I meant every word I said in my last email and there was not an ounce of so called "hype" or exaggeration in what I said. I was quite moved by what I read and thought it could move others as well. And it turned out I was right.

Now for an email from a person who has decided to do something which to many people could seem risky and dangerous. But she finally decided to go for her dreams after reading this report from Marden.

Hi Roger,

Thank you for the e-book entitled Courage and Self-Faith. I have made the decision to quit my job and focus all my energies on teaching the raw lifestyle. This is just what I needed to encourage me and keep me moving forward.

I look forward to the other publications.

Thanks for the awesome work you do to help us all. I admire you for what you do and who you are.

A fan,


To Diana and others wanting to make a living doing what you love and being able to work from home. I have a website where I show some resources that I use and that can really help you to prosper in your own Raw Food, Fitness or any other online business.

I'll shortly be adding a new autoresponder message to the site in which I've written an article that shows anyone how to easily create an information product for himself or herself. With this method you drop your workload and product creation time dramatically and you have testimonials and case studies built in to your product.

Back to the Marden report: Here's another couple of positive comments on "Courage" by Marden.

You were so right Roger, that speech contained Backbone, uprightness- I loved it- thank you!


Hey Roger,

Yesterday I downloaded the Report that is mentioned below, and I found the information to be enlightening and definitely motivating! During the download, a special offer appeared to get several other Reports from this Author. However, the offer appeared before I was able to read the Report. After reading it, I discovered that I would like to read the additional Reports. Is there anyway to access that offer again.

Thanks for your time.


I want to thank all of the above people for their positive and not so positive but constructive comments.

Being in this business, I get criticism of my actions just about every day. Having experienced much fear and terror in my life I can identify with what Orison Marden wrote.

It's these kinds of experiences which makes Marden's writing so incredibly powerful. He speaks the truth. Much of his advice is indirect and if you aren't perceptive, it might pass through your awareness.

One Of My Battles

Several years back I made a decision to do something I truly believed in to create a new raw food support group in NYC called the Raw Health and Happiness Society. But I knew I would face terrible repercussions in the local raw food community. This shouldn't have been the case under normal circumstances but there were some people from our old group who really had it out for us.

Even some of my close friends figured it wasn't worth it for me to do what I was doing. Why rock the boat, even if it's the right thing to do? Why lose the social opportunities by doing what I was going to do? Why make enemies of what turns out to be some really shallow and misinformed people?

It took backbone and fortitude to do what I did. But after worrying about my decision the previous night, the next morning I woke up with a spiritual glow in my consciousness and then I knew this was the right thing to do.

All hell broke loose when I decided to create the "Raw Health and Happiness Society." I had so many people against me. Luckily I also had some strong supporters who gave me courage. You can read more about this story here.

But I stuck to my guns, despite the flurry of criticism and hatred towards me by many formerly friendly persons. This was not an easy experience for me to go through. I initially went through a lot of stress and anxiety over this.

I can tell you that if you want to be a leader in life and do what is right, you very often have to face sharp criticism, even if that criticism is wrong. If you can't handle that criticism, you simply won't succeed in being a leader.

How The "Courage" Report Helped Me

The report on "Courage," strongly reinforced my own courage and made me realize the importance of what I did in the past and how right it was for me to stand up for what I believe in. It illustrated "character."

It also made me realize how to sail through these kinds of experiences in the future without stress and anxiety. The next time something stressful like this happens to me, it's going to be easy for me to deal with it.

I have so much incredible information to share with you. But this post is getting too long. So in my next post I'll put up lots of Marden quotes from his "Courage" report and I'll share with you an insight on the cause of fear and how to easily beat fear by simply changing your perspective. It's really all about "looking and creating" but I'll explain that in the upcoming post.

And by the way, "The Hang-up That Ruins Most People" is FEAR and a lack of self-confidence that is associated with it. Courage is the antidote.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske