Saturday, April 28, 2007

He Didn't Believe It... But It Worked!

He thought this was a good idea, but he just couldn't imagine it actually working for him.

Yet 30 days later he was still 100% raw and not craving cooked food. After 30 days, he finally realized this superior Anti-Addiction strategy really does blow the pants off cooked food addiction.

How did Rob, my raw food coaching client, smash through years of cooked food addiction and struggle with staying 100% raw? It's simple -- I gave him an advanced copy of my new CD program.

What is this magical anti-addiction strategy revealed on this CD? It's none other than the classic 21-day principle.

If you can follow a positive new behavior for 21 days, you'll automatically form a new habit. Once it becomes a habit, it becomes habitual. In other words... you don't have to think about it anymore, it becomes automatic.

In fact, it becomes so automatic, that doing the old habit soon becomes painful!

No more need for willpower or struggle. Get through the first 21 days and you've got it made in the shade.

I've taken this classic self-help strategy and customized it for succeeding with the Raw Food Diet except I extended this period from 21 to 30 days to make sure the habit really sets in.

Introducing: Your First 30-Days Raw

This is my brand new audio program on CD that will put you on the fast track to going raw, staying raw and loving every minute of it. My friend Frederic Patenaude, the author of The Raw Secrets interviewed me on the best ways to make it through your first 30-days of being 100% raw.

He also shared some really good insights. Together we make a powerful team.

Successful long-term raw foodists know that it's easy to stay raw. But people addicted to cooked food, just can't imagine it. They can't imagine never again being able to indulge in pizza, ice cream or cake or you name it.

This is exactly what Rob was thinking. He thought the idea made sense, but he just couldn't imagine it being easy no longer eating cooked food.

In fact, the difference between success and failure with going 100% raw, is just having and then implementing the right ideas for 30-days in a row.

If you want to gain the fat-burning, happiness producing and life altering benefits that the Raw Food Diet brings and do it without struggle or unnecessary cravings -- then you'll want to get yourself a copy of my new CD "Your First 30-Days Raw."

Be on the lookout. In the very near future, I'll be running a special sale in which you can get this at over 50% off the normal price. But this steeply discounted price won't last very long. So make sure to order as soon as you get the notification in your email.

In the meantime, I suggest you get a copy of Think and Go Raw as it is a perfect companion program to "Your First 30-Days Raw."

I'd also highly recommend you get yourself over to and get all the raw food coaching and support you need to succeed at staying 100% raw. The ridiculously low price for membership won't last forever.

Soon I won't be offering nearly as much on at and I'll be increasing the price. So get in there before I stop being so lazy and make the changes to the site. It could happen any day and I won't necessarily give you any further warning.

With the right ideas, with the right coaching and support and you'll soon realize you've become a completely new you. Going raw is like the caterpillar turning into the butterfly, a new birth into a life of sunshine, flight, freedom and the happiness that comes with it.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness, Fitness and Freedom, Roger Haeske

P.S. I know you may not believe me, but going 100% raw is easy, if you know all the tricks. Use my ideas and you can save yourself needless pain and cravings. It doesn't have to be that way. "Your First 30-Days Raw," is coming soon, in the meantime, you should get a copy of Think and Go Raw and or join

P.P.S. Isn't it time you finally put your health and happiness first? What is life without health and energy to enjoy it? Going raw is a snap when you have the right ideas.