Sunday, February 18, 2007

Can You Build Bigger Muscles With Your Mind Alone?

This is truly fascinating. This story was related by Lynne McTaggart the author of "The Intention Experiment."

A study was done with two groups of people.

Group 1: Worked out in a gym.

Group 2: Just thought about their biceps getting bigger.

Group 1 people that worked out in a gym had a 30% increase in the size of their biceps. The astonishing thing is that the Group 2 people had a 15% increase in the size of their biceps.

I don't have any of the details of this study. But I'd love to see how it was designed.

This Is Even More Amazing: Past Changed Through Visualization

Here's another fascinating thing Lynne spoke about on her Coast To Coast interview with Art Bell. She mentioned two studies on this topic.

In one study, two groups of people with some kind of blood disorder disease (I believe it was Sepsis) in Israel were used.

One group was treated with visualization and the other group was not. I don't remember the exact statistics but the group that had people visualizing their healing had much better health results than the group that received no group visualization.

The interesting thing is that these patients were sick and I believe out of the hospital in the early 1990's but the visualization treatment didn't happen until the somewhere in the 2000's.

There was another study she mentioned that was actually published in Lancet. I don't remember all the details but basically some kind of computer program was created. After it was created it's construction was somehow altered from the original via the power of group visualization.

This is fascinating stuff and has great potential for altering your reality for the better. (And for the worse if not used carefully.)

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