Friday, April 13, 2007

I Still Can't Believe How Great I Feel

I'm just flying all over the place. After combining the Instant Energy Exercises with the Lightning Speed Fitness Program, I'm just cranking. I have so much energy and desire to get things done, it's not even funny.

When I went to my mailbox which is about 75 yards away, I decided to sprint there.

Not because I felt I needed the exercise. It had nothing to do with that at all. I just had a burning desire to run as fast as I could.

With my new Instant Energy Exercises I have so much extra energy, that my body wants to workout, three times a day. All I have to do is the first routine in the morning and then I find myself doing more and more of these exercises throughout the day. It's almost becoming an addiction but a good addiction.

These exercises are great for conditioning and stamina as well. They also work your legs and calves very well.

In any case, I sprinted to my mailbox, got my mail and then I held on to it real tight in my right hand and ran back home as fast as I could. Yes I was winded, but it felt amazing and I feel amazing. In fact, I'm going out right now to do it again. I can't help myself.

Be back in a minute.

Yes, I really did just go out and do two more sprints. I'm huffing and puffing now. This time the first one was closer to 100 yards, since I didn't need to only go to my mailbox.

The funny thing was that as I stepped outside, there was a white minivan driving further ahead of me by about 25 yards in the parking lot. As I sprinted I started getting close to it, eventually I caught up to the minivan and passed it. It's fun beating a car.

My energy level is so superior these days, I'm getting lots of work done and I have this incredible natural high all the time.

Again, the word invigoration comes to mind. My cells feel all warm and fuzzy inside. In any case, if you want this for yourself then I recommend you become a beta tester for the new Instant Energy Exercises.

Plus you'll get a whole month of being able to ask your fitness related questions as part of the deal. The best part about this is that these exercises are really easy to do.

Don't waste another day of being low energy and less happy than you deserve. Click here to become a beta tester.

Or read my previous blog entry to learn all the details. Keep in mind that there's a limited quantity of people I can take and the program closes this Monday.

At this point in time, there are only 12 coaching spots left. So if you want to get this information and start using it soon, then I suggest you help me, while helping yourself, by becoming a beta tester for Instant Energy Exercises.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Discover Why... "I Feel So Good I Can Barely Stand It"

Yesterday I went outside in the sunlight and the crisp spring air and did my new Instant Energy Exercise Routine. These are a powerful group of energy enhancing exercises I recently stumbled upon.

When I came back home from doing the exercises I got a call from a friend. While talking to her, I realized that I felt so good, right there and then... that I almost couldn't stand it.

I felt an incredible feeling of invigoration and happiness. I could feel all of my cells vibrating and tingling with energy, oxygen and joy. The best way to describe it is total-body invigoration.

It's hard to explain, but when you get close to your physical limit of expressing happiness, it's almost as if it's too much. But it wasn't too much, it was just as much as I could take and it was fantastic. The best news is I keep reproducing similar results day after day.

Another incredible thing I've noticed is that I do better with less sleep since doing these exercises. I'm sure at the bare minimum, I'm sleeping a half hour less than I used to.

These aren't particularly new exercises, you've probably done some of them at one point or another. But there is a certain commonality to all of them which is the secret to the energy boosting results.

My Lighting Speed Fitness Program will also give you a natural high, but these exercises work even quicker to produce a natural high and super energy levels. They also aren't as physically demanding to get those kind of results.

Yet, with these exercises, you can also get a powerful workout and you don't need any equipment. You'll be huffing and puffing if you push yourself.

Here's what the Instant Energy Exercises Can Do For You...

1. Give you a quick natural high, any time you need it.

2. Increase your physical energy levels, any time you need it.

3. Increase your mental alertness, any time you need it.

4. Decrease your need for sleep by half an hour to an hour a night.

5. You can do these any time, no need to even get into exercise clothing, just put on your sneakers.

6. Save loads of time because you can exercise, while doing your normally sedentary job or daily chores. It's like multitasking your fitness program and other activities at the same time.

7. Cleanse your body because of the increased flow of lymph fluid.

8. These exercises are really fun to do. Young children often do them naturally. These will make you feel like a child all over again. Experience the joy of living all over again.

Parts of the body exercised:


One of the exercises even helps me crack my back.

Do you want these benefits in as little as five minutes per day? Actually, you can start to feel the incredible effects after the first minute of doing these. From 1 minute to 1 hour, the choice is yours.

I have a special offer for you but you must act quickly

I'll personally train you in what these exercises are and how to do them. But you must give me feedback via email and be willing to allow me to use your email feedback as part of the complete product that I sell in the future.

You'll be a Beta-Tester of the program for me. I'll personally coach you via email in getting the best results, personalized for you and your needs. You'll get a full month to ask me any fitness questions. I'll be your fitness coach, I'll be checking on your progress and motivating you to get going.

But in all reality, I think you'll find these exercises so enjoyable that you won't need me to motivate you to do them. They are that fun and of course, the results are out of this world.

My normal coaching rate is $100 per hour, a month of coaching like this is worth a minimum of $500. But because you are helping me out, you'll be able to get the full program an estimated $25 value and a month of email fitness coaching for only $50.00. That's 10 times less than what you would normally pay for this kind of coaching -- a savings of $450.00.

Once the product is complete you'll also get full access to the completed version. All I require of you is that you try the exercises and give me feedback via email and allow me to use your emails and name in a future version of the product.

I have all the basics ready for you, including 18 exercises in the current program, now I just need someone like you to honestly test it out and send me your feedback via email.

Your input will help me improve the program and possibly add other exercises. That is why you can get in on this coaching program at such a steeply discounted rate.

But you have to act quickly as I can only accommodate a maximum of 20 people in this special Energy Fitness Coaching program. I expect it to sell out within a day or two.

As a special bonus for helping me out, I'll also give you my upcoming program called "The Fastest Way To Do 100 Pushups In A Row.

I always wanted to do 100 pushups in a row. I worked hard at improving my pushup numbers for many years, but progress was very slow. Just getting to 50 pushups in a row seemed like a monumental task. But on January 1, 2007 I finally reached the goal of 100 in a row after a lifetime of doing pushups.

The secret to my much faster progress was something I learned by listening to an interview of the great Jack La Lanne and his workout methods. He used to have the world record for pushups in a row at over 1,000. I finally realized what I was doing wrong and created quick and fun ways to increase my pushups to 100 in a row and more.

My current record is 111 in a row. Now I'm moving on to new fitness goals. You can use the ideas in this program to increase how many chinups or pullups you do in a row. I suppose you could use it for just about any fitness goal where you are trying to do more in a row of something.

You'll get all the fun exercises. The main one is like a game or competition with yourself. You can make dramatic improvements in the number of pushups you can do in only five minutes a day. I usually do it while listening to inspiring classical music by Beethoven.

I share all my secrets for the quickest gains. Some of these ideas are not what you might expect, but they work beautifully. This program itself is at least a $25 value and you can have it when you help me test out the Instant Energy Exercises.

This coming Monday, April 16th, you'll get your first email where I reveal the program basics and the first steps you should take. I expect to receive at least some email feedback after each lesson I send you. Over the coming month, you'll receive more emails completing all of the exercises involved with the program. I don't want to overwhelm you at first.

You only need to do a couple of these exercises to get some fantabulous results.

In the process, you can ask me any other fitness related questions you might have.

I will not be providing dietary coaching via this program. So please don't ask any raw food related questions, this is for fitness related coaching only. And it should mostly be directed to this particular program.

If you want to send your happiness and energy levels soaring and get my fitness coaching at a steeply discounted price, then just visit the Instant Energy Exercises Order Page.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. Remember there are a maximum of 20 coaching spots available. I expect this opportunity to get personalized coaching from me at a deeply discounted price won't last more than a day or two. Please use the link below to order.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Raw Food Warrioress Has Come

The Raw Food Warrior has found his mate... meet the Raw Food Warrioress.

As you may know, lately I've been talking about the habit crushing power of the Raw Food Warrior Technique that you get as a bonus with Think and Go Raw.

I just wanted you to know that the technique is not limited only to a male Raw Food Warrior. You can just as easily call on the Raw Food Warrioress. She's just as powerful in helping you slay any bad habits hidden in your subconscious mind.

She can be with you any time you need her. And trust me if you use her power properly, you can go very far in life.

What new things and exciting things would you do with the help of the Raw Food Warrioress? How high could you soar? Remember, she can help you with much more than switching to a raw food diet.

She can help you start any positive habit and drop bad ones faster than you'd eject burning coals from your hands.

What is it you want in life? Everything starts with a dream and then becomes reality when followed up with action. The Raw Food Warrioress can help you reach for the dream and give you the mental fortitude to take action.

You'll become a force of nature. You'll be taking action that previously, you just didn't believe you could take.

Do you want to lose weight? The Raw Food Warrioress can help.

Do you want to develop a part time business which eventually frees you from being told what to do, frees you from your boss, your day job, and financial slavery? The Raw Food Warrioress will motivate you to get started and to keep on, keeping on.

Do you want to give up coffee? It's no problem for the Warrioress.

Who really is the Raw Food Warrior and Warrioress. Well it's really just a more powerful and enlightened version of you. Most people have no clue of the incredible power they posses. They see themselves as being undisciplined, lazy or as having wasted their lives.

But you can't waste your life, you can only live in the present moment. Nothing else matters. You can start today and create the most incredible life for yourself.

To get the Raw Food Warrior or Warrioress into your life, just come on over and get yourself a copy of my latest ebook, Think and Go Raw. I'm sure you'll be happy you did and you'll soon have a powerful ally with you constantly, to help you achieve any goal you have in mind.

You can do it and you will do it. I have faith in you. You will live your dreams. All it takes is the right idea and daily positive action.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. Here's a brief testimonial from a new customer of Think and Go Raw.

Dear Roger,

Thank you very much for answering my e-mail so promptly. Also, thanks for the bonuses. I have already looked over some of the material and it is fantastic. Thank you so much for inspiring and supporting the public and me.

Sincerely, Philip M

Monday, April 09, 2007

My Father Hated Exercising Until He Tried This Simple Idea

Wouldn't you like to enjoy exercising for a change?

Today I'm going to show you a really simple idea my father used to improve his health and to lose weight. The interesting thing about this idea was that it had the hidden side benefit making exercise enjoyable instead of hard work.

For some mysterious reason my father no longer had to force himself to exercise, he was really enjoying it now.

My Father's Story:

The other day I was speaking with my father over the telephone. We were discussing the health problem of another family member I'll call Joe.

By the way, my father is almost 67 years old, this should give you courage to try this out even if you're well past middle age. It's never to late to improve your life.

Now back to the discussion with my father. My father was quite sure that if Joe would switch to a 100% raw food diet, he would quickly heal his enlarged prostrate and avoid surgery and the negative side effects of drugs.

As for side effects. Within a week of taking this drug for his enlarged prostate, Joe had very little appetite, has slept much less than normal and has been depressed. I wouldn't call these symptoms side effects, I prefer to call them a "full frontal assault" as my friend, author of A Way Out, Matthew Grace calls them.

A Way Out is a fantastic book by the way. Read it if you want to motivate yourself to become a vegan, raw foodist and someone who doesn't get fooled into taking perscription drugs.

Unleash the Power of Raw Food

My father now knows the power of eating raw. A little while back he did a dietary experiment. For a solid week he replaced his normal dinner meal (which most people would consider super-health-food) with a large and totally raw, blended salad.

He filled up a large Vitamix container full of tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, lettuce and spices and then liquefied it into a soup. That's a blended salad or you can call it a vegetable soup. Or you can make it really thick into a pâté consistency.

You can find loads of quick, delicious and hearty raw food recipes and much more at my Raw Food Coaching and Training website Many of these recipes can be made in under ten minutes and all you need is a knife, cutting board and a blender.

He told me he noticed something unusual happened to him after eating in this way. When he did his daily exercise routine, for some reason he actually started enjoying it. It was like his body now wanted him to exercise it, to push him to his limits. His body was coming to life again.

Exercise Used To Be Excruciating

In the past, he did his daily exercise program because he knew it was important for his health. But he always had to force himself through it. He didn't like doing it, but he did it anyway.

But by simply replacing his dinner meal with a raw meal he started feeling energetic and he naturally wanted to exercise. Another benefit is that he was losing belly fat at a steady pace while eating this way.

My father is not the only one who's experienced this sudden urge to exercise. I often get the incredible desire to exercise, my body begs me to move it and to keep it active. It's this incredible urge and all I can think about is moving my body and just loving life.

The same thing happened to me today, even though I was up really late last night and didn't get nearly enough sleep. But my body still wanted to exercise. It wanted that super flow of oxygen created by the deep breathing and movement of exercise. The desire for movement and life is natural when you eat foods in their radiant natural state.

Raw foods transmit pure happiness and energy to you. We weren't designed to be sitting around all day and be vegetables. But we were designed to eat vegetables.

We Were Designed to do Daily and Vigorous Exercise

All humans before the advent of agriculture exercised considerably. They'd walk or run about 3 to 8 miles a day.

If they wanted to eat and survive, they had to move. If you've been living like a vegetable then I suggest you eat some vegetables and fruit and you'll start to feel an electric energy flowing through you.

With all the people I coach and have worked with, many of them have revealed the same phenomena. They'd often, out of nowhere, have a burning desire to exercise when they were eating a raw food diet.

Aren't You Curious What My Father's Normal Meal Was?

His normal dinner meal consisted of a package of frozen vegetables that he lets thaw out. Then he puts on those vegetables a liberal quantity of flax seed oil and he all add quite a bit of cayenne pepper and I believe some other spices.

So he didn't even cook his vegetables, but what most people don't know is that virtually all frozen vegetables have to be cooked or pasteurized before they are frozen. Certainly, there is some damage in the freezing process but much worse is what happens to a food after it has been cooked.

At least he didn't cook them twice.

And of course, everyone knows how supposedly healthy it is to drink or consume flaxseed oil. I'd bet his dinner meal is better than what 98% of Americans eat and yet it was lacking compared to eating a large raw salad.

So if you want your body to ask you to move it, then why don't you try by replacing one of your cooked food meals with a raw meal of either fruits, vegetables or both.

Remember, there is no other diet on the planet that can even compare to the life changing effectiveness of a raw food diet. Don't kid yourself; if it isn't raw, it doesn't work.

If you want to learn all the tips and tricks to make going raw as easy as possible, then I recommend you "get in your hands" a copy of my latest ebook, Think and Go Raw. Don't forget, you get the amazing Raw Food Warrior Technique included with that as well as a special bonus gift.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. Once you have all this extra desire to exercise, why not consider using the program that you can do anywhere, the Lightning Speed Fitness Program. In just 15 minutes a day, you can get super fit, super fast and turn your body into a portable gym. No equipment, weights or traveling to a gym is necessary for outrageous energy, fat burning, speed and fitness.

P.P.S. If you want more ideas of how to make exercise fun and enjoyable I have a free article called, "7 Tips to Make Exercise Fun and Enjoyable," which you can get by subscribing to the autoresponder on my Lightning Speed Fitness Program website.

P.P.P.S. I love doing the exercises in the Lightning Speed Fitness Program. The exercises are natural and fun to do in and of themselves. I never used to work out as diligently or as often when I had a gym membership. Lifting weights is no fun for most people, but moving your body in unique positions and exercising it from all angles and in various ways, well that is a hell of a lot of fun. If you want a fitness program that you enjoy doing on a daily and even 2 or 3 time per day basis then you should get yourself a copy of the Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Harness The Power of the Raw Food Warrior

The Raw Food Warrior Comes to Your Rescue

You've had a hard day at work, a coworker is having a birthday party and she invites you to have some birthday cake. You're really tempted. Then you figure, this will make me feel better, I'll just have a little bit of cake.

Before you know it you're eating several pieces of cake, donuts and drinking coffee. Wow how did this happen. You were trying to stay 100% raw, but that food was so tempting and you wanted to feel better.

Later at night you decide to go out to your favorite cooked food restaurant. Might as well since you've already blown the day with the cake, coffee and donuts.

Soon enough you start to realize that the food only tasted good in your mouth, once it goes into your throat and digestive tract it's all downhill from there.

You know this and yet similar scenarios happen to you again and again. You know cooked food is toxic and yet you still eat it.

What can you do to get out of this vicious cycle?

You hire the Raw Food Warrior to protect you from cooked food addiction. For a very low, one time fee, you can harness his ultimate strength, power and self-discipline for the rest of your life. How's that for a cheap employee?

But he's not an employee, but a mentor and a personal power booster. You can tune into his power and blast through any addiction or problem. He has ten times or more power and determination than you have in your weakest moments.

He's never weak. He's never tired and he loves eating raw. He's your constant companion in times of trouble.

But he's not just for helping you go raw. You can use him for any bad habit you want to break. He'll help you generate dynamic desire-power so that you'll actually crave doing what is in your best interest.

He will man-handle and shred to pieces any bad habit you have. The Raw Food Warrior is the secret weapon I use to overpower and crush cravings and bad habits of any kind!

Personally, I don't need him to stay raw. That's now very easy for me. I instead use him for other areas in my life that I haven't mastered. Or when I'm facing a difficult situation in life and I need courage.

The Raw Food Warrior is someone you can have in your life. I've added him and his power generating technique as a special bonus for anyone who gets Think and Go Raw.

This is an extra technique added to the 33 strategies to crush cooked food addiction permanently, found in Think and Go Raw.

I must say this is truly a bargain. This is one of the best motivational techniques I have ever developed and you can have it at a bargain basement price at this link below.

If you've already purchased "Think and Go Raw," you can get this technique by visiting the product download page.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske