Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Feel Like A Million Bucks

That's how I feel right now. Why you may ask.

For three reasons. Earlier today I reached a fitness goal I had set for myself on January first. When I reached that goal I shouted YAY and Hippee to myself. It felt fantastic. I boosted my self-confidence for the day. And after that I immediately set another higher goal.

But that was only a temporary satisfaction. The main reason I feel like a million bucks is because I just finished doing my bodyweight exercise routine the Lightning Speed Fitness Program. I actually feel a powerful natural high. It's like I'm on drugs but drugs with no negative side effects.

I literally feel like jumping for joy and you know what, I did just that. Jumping is a powerful way to build up your leg strength and speed. You're body is a powerful traveling gym.

Look for opportunities throughout your day to get fit. Take the stairs, park further away, run to the mail box, etc.

I'm just raring to go with energy and have to stop myself from exercising even more. I could be working out for hours because it feels so darn good. But I needed to share this feeling with you.

No matter, I'll just do more exercises as a break to my work. This is another great thing about Lightning Fitness, you can exercise just about any time and anywhere. Who needs to go to the gym when your body is the gym.

** I just took another quick exercise break and did two more sets of bodyweight exercises. I actually feel even better now. I'm breathing really hard but my natural high actually increased. Not only will you get a natural high, but you'll just have the best time while you're doing something powerful for your health and fitness.

Heck you can exercise while at work. There's no more excuse. You can get fit, even while you sit. You'd be surprised at all the powerful ways you can build up your body and do it without expensive and bulky exercise gadgets.

There's one more reason why I feel really good. It's my diet. I eat a 100% raw food diet. Before I started eating raw I went through 6.5 years of depression. But the first day I went raw, the depression went away. Six and half years of hell and all I had to do was eat at least 50% of my diet from raw fruits and vegetables.

If you too want to feel like a million bucks then I suggest you get off your behind and start moving and put your portable gym to work. The Lightning Speed Fitness Program will show you two powerful exercises that workout 95% of the major muscle groups in your body.

But I've included much more than just these two exercises. Beginners can start with those two and get fabulous fitness results. In fact, those two core exercises are already being used by top professional athletes all over the world.

Once you are ready, there's a whole library of other bodyweight, isometric, dynamic self and visualized resistance exercises to give you such an incredible pump you won't believe it. Check out my program here: http://LightningSpeedFitness.com

Don't forget the importance of diet and the other health factors. I highly recommend Dr. Doug Graham's Perfect Health Program for expert guidance on the Optimal Raw Food Diet. Imagine being able to attend 12 hour long lectures any time you want. It's like having Doug with you whenever you need some encouragement or inspiration.

It's a great way to inspire yourself daily to stay raw. Just listen to at least five minutes worth. Or listen in your car while driving to work. Doug's info will clear up so much of the confusion and myths people believe about raw eating. So take a look, if you're interested in achieving perfect health and feeling like a million bucks.


To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

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