Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why Bruce Lee Had To Have Super...

Why Bruce Lee Had To Have Super-Confidence

Last night I was creating a powerful new information product with Sgt. O. I've known Sgt. O for over 25 years. He's simply one of the most amazing and fearless people I have ever met.

He tells the most entertaining stories. They're entertaining because they are about him. He's one powerful dude and I'm not just talking physically but spiritually as well. I can't wait to share with you his full identity and his secrets to super-self-confidence.

Anyway, as we were talking about the product we're creating, he made this statement, "Can you imagine Bruce Lee not having this?" Immediately I said no way.

What is this magical quality that Bruce Lee had and that all truly successful people have? It's super-self-confidence.

What Sgt. O realized during his experiences in the Marines and the U.S. Airborne is that he's never met a person who had this certain quality and wasn't also super-confident.

This quality is super-fitness. When you are physically strong, fit and energetic, it changes you. It gives you a confidence that you can achieve just about anything in life.

Athletes tend to be more successful in life than the average person, because they needed to develop self-discipline to take them in life to reach their athletic goals.

A strong physical challenge can do at least three things for you. One is that it can give you self-confidence, two is that while you are striving to become superfit you're also becoming healthier and three while your reaching those goals you're also becoming happier and more energetic.

You can as the old saying goes, "kill two birds with one stone." But you really get so much more when you are physically fit.

It doesn't matter where you are starting from, all that matters is where you want to go. Even if you've never exercised a day in your life, you can begin and step-by-step, reach fitness goals that at one time seemed impossible for you to achieve.

What if you can't even do one pushup right now? It doesn't matter. I've been working with a woman who couldn't even do one full pushup before she started my program, she's gotten as high as doing 14 in a row. That's a 1,400% increase.

Do you personally know anyone who can do 100 pushups in a row? That could be one of your goals. You may only be doing 10 in a row right now, but the striving and reaching for the goal will build your self-confidence.

In any case, the product with Sgt. O won't be coming out for at least a month or so. But I can do something for you today.

If you order the Lightning Speed Fitness Program within the next 7 days, I'll throw in an ebook copy of Bruce Lee's training secrets. Plus I'll throw in a few other surprise gifts of which I know you'll love. They'll come to you via email starting within the first week of joining us on the Lightning Speed Fitness Program.

When you can run a mile, do 50 pushups, do 100 squats, climb a tree, and just do whatever you wish with your body, it's naturally going to make you confident. The greater your fitness, the greater your happiness, the greater your health and the greater your confidence.

With confidence you start enjoying success in all areas of your life. You know you can reach goals and deal with adversity when you have confidence.

Having a healthy diet is great, but without true fitness, you're missing a big piece of the happiness and success equation.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. Get the Lightning Speed Fitness Program within the next seven days and you'll also get Bruce Lee's Training Secrets, Bruce Lee's Speed Training and Bruce Lee's Strength Training in PDF format as my gift to you.

P.P.S. Bruce Lee had it, Sgt. O has it and you can get it... super-self-confidence when you make it your business to attain super-fitness.

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