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Miracle Man Shames Most Of Us By Comparison

"What Are You Conditioned To Believe That Is Impossible?"

This past week I read the most amazing and inspiring book. I couldn't put the book down. It's a true story about a man who survived a plane crash and was a paraplegic and then recovered to live a normal life.

I have an inspirational quote from his book below. You are going to love it. It's quite rebellious and instructive at the same time.

I think you'll learn a lot from it. But please read my comments first so I can set up in your mind just how bad he really had it. That will more dramatically affect how you react to his quote, once you know where he was.

The best way to really appreciate it is to read the book or to watch his movie. I got a very cheap copy of his book from

At the time, no one in medical history ever survived the breaking of the spine at the first and second vertebrae. All his doctors were telling him he had no chance of a normal life.

They didn't even expect him to survive his first night in the hospital because his body was so badly damaged by the crash. He actually died and he tells about looking down at the bloody crash scene and not wanting to go back. Then he was pulled back into his body and determined to not be a vegetable for the rest of his life.

Morris Goodman is a stubborn SOB and once he sets his mind on something, he achieves it. He never accepted his fate but instead VISUALIZED himself as someone who would live a normal life.

Of course, he had to take plenty of action and work really hard to achieve his goals. But he had to start with the belief that he could recover. Something that his doctors constantly tried to discourage him from believing.

Here's a quote he likes to use and mentions often in his book. It's a classic self-help / positive thinking type of quote and his book is laced with them. "Whatever You Can Conceive And Believe You Can Achieve." It's a great story and a lesson in super achievement that you can apply to your own life.

But in reality, he's not living a normal life, he's far surpassed what most people would achieve. Within 7 months or so he was out of the hospital and walking on his own.

Read below to see how badly he was damaged and then read his quote with a few of my comments interspersed. You'll see how you can use his example to achieve anything in life, but especially how you can succeed with the raw food diet.

If you think going raw is hard, imagine not being able to taste any food for almost three months. He was on an intravenous drip all that time and was unable to swallow. It tortured him to see and smell what other people were eating.

==> His Condition

The doctor said the fact that Morris Goodman was even alive would make medical history. No one has ever survived a break in the first and second cervical vertebrae.

Spinal column was crushed. Larynx was damaged so severely that he will never speak again. Also suffering permanent nerve damage which is causing a dysfunction of the liver, bladder, kidneys and the diaphragm which means he can't speak and will never breathe without the use of a respirator.

His swallowing reflexes were so severely damaged that he'll never be able eat or drink again. Doctor said he didn't believe he would survive the night.

** The Miracle Man Fights Back **

Morris always visualized himself leading a normal life. He didn't feel sorry for himself. He never let himself get SNIOP'ed or (susceptible to the negative influence of other people).

Please read this excerpt from the Miracle Man book. You can learn a lot from just this short reading about taking responsibility for your own life and health.

So many things he did parallel the kind of thinking and attitude you need to succeed at going raw. In fact, being able to stay raw is quite an accomplishment. Being raw will make you more confident and successful because you have achieved something extraordinary.

Of course, once you've been raw for a while it's really easy to maintain it's always just getting through the first thirty days wherein the challenge lies.

How many people do you think can say they've been 100% raw for a year? This is something to be proud about and also a major confidence booster, not to mention all the health, fitness and spiritual benefits. Who knows what other successes you'll achieve after boosting your self-esteem by having succeeded at going raw.

I do have a little secret. Going raw is easier than you think if you get the right support and information. But in either case, it requires leadership and independent thinking.

If you want to succeed, go with a coach who is 100% raw and who will show you all the psychological and dietary tricks to make it easy and enjoyable.

** Quote From "The Miracle Man" **

From "The Miracle Man," by Morris Goodman Pg 105 - 106 (Note I sometimes add *** to add my own emphasis to his quote. Or I'll add my own comments and precede them with RH: and put them in parenthesis.)

************** "I was off to a rip-roaring start Friday morning. I got into a discussion (RH: By then he already recovered his ability to speak and breathe on his own - that was not easy.) about vitamins with one of the doctors making rounds. I told him that if I could get off all the pills I was taking and get back on my vitamins, I would make faster progress.

"I don't believe in vitamins," he said. A storm of rage swept over me.

"You might be a great doctor, but you are ignorant when it comes to nutrition," I replied. At this, he stomped out. (RH: I don't think most people would have the guts to say this to their doctor. They'd be too afraid of offending him, seeming stupid or even worrying that now the doctor wouldn't treat him as well as the other patients.)

I knew from my reading on nutrition that most doctors get only one three-credit-hour course in this vital subject during their extensive training. No wonder they are so defensive when approached about this, I thought; they can't dominate and control the conversation with a bunch of technical medical terms that only they understand.

After he had left, I was dressed and wheeled into the dining room for breakfast. Since my swallowing ability had improved, I was now taking my pills orally. A nurse appeared and set a tray of pills in front of me. *** I got my hand under the tray and threw them all over the floor. ***

"I'm not going to take anymore pills," I said. "The only way you'll get me to take them is to tie my hands behind my back and shove them down my throat." (RH: This guys got guts.)

"Suit yourself," she said and marched out.

Needless to say, this didn't sit well with the nursing staff or the doctors. During the coming week, they tried all kinds of pressure to get me to comply, but I stood my ground. Day by day, I began to feel better. *** I don't believe that any doctor can adequately predict how that many pills will interact with each other. ***

(RH: Note how he withstood the constant pressure from these doctors and nurses to take medication. He knew better, but after such a barrage, most people would weaken and eventually give in.

Same thing applies when you are trying to stay raw in a family situation where you are not supported. It's the exact same thing Morris had to deal with.)

So now I was a renegade, bucking the establishment. And others tried to do likewise. (RH: He's a leader as other people are now following his example.) This caused lots of problems for the hospital. The staff appealed to me to cooperate so that order could be restored.

"That is your problem, and you'll have to deal with it as best you can," I told them. *** My main concern had to be my own recovery.*** I wasn't going to be a model patient for their sakes, at the expense of my health. I was feeling better, and I wanted to keep it up."


BRAVO Morris. So many times aspiring raw foodists fail because they put the needs of family and friends above their own health needs [to stay raw].

They sacrifice their own health, happiness and really, their lives so that they won't rock the boat. They wrongly think this is the right thing to do. If you want to go raw you have to be an independent thinker and understand what I call the "Freedom Principles."

Morris Goodman is a perfect example of this. You can learn a lot from reading his book.

You can also learn all the things you need to succeed on the Optimal Raw Food Diet by becoming a member of

** How To See The Miracle Man **

You can see a video summary of his story at this link. I've found the video doesn't seem to work with Firefox but does with Internet Explorer.

Plenty of other interesting resources on his site


I hope you enjoyed this information about the Miracle Man. Let his example inspire your own life.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

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