Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Importance of Being Accurate and Objective

Hey Folks,

This is a great article I received via email. He's hitting on the
exact same points I've been trying to emphasize to you guys. This
applies to not only losing weight but succeeding with your raw diet.
You don't want to leave this to guesswork.

If something isn't working with your program you'll need to tweek it
and fine tune it. But you can't do that unless you are very precise
and objective with what you are doing. You have to know how many
calories you're consuming on average. You have to know precisely
which foods you are eating and if you have a reaction after a certain
kind or even certain food combination.

You end up becoming like a scientist. Like Thomas Edison doing over
10,000 experiments before he made a working electric lightbulb.
Sometimes it takes a very high level of diligence to make a diet and
or weight loss program work for you. People are all different and
come in with differing levels of health. So what one person can do
right away, won't be the same for everyone.

I'll let Craig Ballantyne make the point with his great article
below. Just use your imagination and you can apply the same ideas to
succeeding with your raw food diet. I'm not recommending his diet
plan, because I don't know it, but simply the principles he states
in his article below.

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Fat loss is easy once you understand how hard it is.

Once you realize that fat loss is hard work, and not just as easy as
eating some celery, drinking really cold water, and slamming down
some "metabolism boosters", that's when you'll really start to get

When you accept sticking to your nutrition program will take effort,
only then will you start planning and preparing your nutrition to
meet your fat loss goals.

Same with exercise. When you understand that harder workouts are
more effective, then you'll start to plan your workouts accordingly.

Over the past year I've interviewed over a dozen fitness models (men
and women) for Oxygen and Maximum Fitness magazines, and their
secrets to success are as plain as day.

They know it is going to be hard work to get ready for a photoshoot,
but what do they know that you don't know?

First, they've got their nutrition plans down perfectly. And when I
say planned out, I don't just mean they have a meal plan torn out of
a magazine. Instead, they have their shopping lists prepared. They
have time set aside for cooking, cutting, and chopping. These men and
women have more than enough tupperware to store and freeze their food
for the week.

Fitness models take their meals with them and aren't so naive as to
believe that they will be able to find something "healthy" at work or
on the road. They are not willing to sacrifice results for
convenience. They have accepted the hard work that comes with eating
for fat loss. Have you?

Second, fitness models know what works - not only in the kitchen,
but also in the gym. They've recorded their workouts, studied the
effects of various exercises, rep ranges, and workout frequencies.

They have accepted that their can be NO guesswork in a fat loss
workout program. That's why fitness models plan their workouts in
advance, and write down the results in a training log for analysis.
If you aren't doing that, then you're doing nothing more than playing
a workout "lottery" and hoping you'll come up lucky.

Third, and perhaps most importantly (because its hard to have the
first two factors without this one), fitness models surround
themselves with a supportive environment and social support groups.

How many fitness models do you think are married to sedentary,
overweight smokers? How many fitness models do you think hang around
men and women that start drinking at 4pm every Friday?

Having the right social support group and supportive environment can
make or break your fat loss program in less than a minute.

Research shows this. Experience proves this.

All it takes is a bunch of co-workers to surround you at your desk
with a box of doughnuts and pressure you into "having just one". The
next thing you know its 3 days later and you haven't had a decent
meal since.

According to the research on social support for fat loss, there are
at least 2 proven ways to harness the powers of others for your fat
loss goals.

First, include a health professional in your social support group.
This could be your doctor, a nutritionist, or a trainer that you see
on a regular basis. But you need to be accountable to someone. This
will work best for those of you that can't find support among your
family, friends, or co-workers.

Second, if a member of your social support group also loses weight,
you'll have a greater chance of succeeding. So try and get family
members, friends, and co-workers directly involved. Get them from
cheerleaders to active participants in the fight against fat.

I hope these tips help you out. If you don't have any social support
right now, by all means, send me an email on your progress and at
least hold yourself accountable to me.

If you need help planning a workout, please visit:

I promise you Turbulence Training will give you to the fat loss you
deserve and desire.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS Author, Turbulence Training


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