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A Safe Alternative To Colonics & Cleanses

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There is a totally safe, natural and inexpensive alternative to doing colonics and using intestinal cleansing products. I explain further below in my response.


I received the question below via email from one of my subscribers and thought I'd share my answer with you. I answer a question about too much fruit consumption and about the need for doing colonics.

This is a very important email for you to read. It could actually save your life and keep you from serious health problems.

I'll respond in the body of her email. You'll see my commentary preceded by * Roger H: and ending with +++++++. Then I'll continue on after getting into more detail her second question.


Dear Roger,

I am grateful for your emails; they are all extremely helpful. I feel remarkably better having cut back on raw fats. I think they were accounting for over 25% of my caloric intake. I relied on them in large part because I was restricting my intake of fruits. Having put on unwanted excess weight, I was trying to keep carbohydrates to a minimum and thought I should limit/eliminate fruit.

* Roger H: Thank you for your nice comments. Firstly I'd like to say that I am giving generic advice. I don't know you or your health condition personally. Therefore what I say may not exactly apply to your individual situation. However, I will give you generic advice.

Unfortunately, you've been deceived by unsound nutritional advice. This is another example of extreme misinformation from all the so-called raw food and nutrition books out there.

I used to erroneously believe the same thing because of all the false nutrition propaganda I was reading. There is a lot of bad science and nutrition advice in the world today. People, (even extremely smart people) are easily fooled because it's quite a complex subject.

Eating fruit or even eating carbohydrates is not going to make you gain weight. It has more to do with the kind of carbohydrates you eat, what other foods you eat with those carbohydrates, how often you eat and also how much of these carbohydrates you eat.

If you eat 50% more calories than your body needs, then on any diet, you're likely going to gain weight, although less so on a raw food diet.

I only have about 5% body fat and in my cooked food days I was much higher, about 12%. Yet I eat more carbohydrates in my diet than I ever did while eating cooked food and I eat loads of fruit.

I have clients losing over 50 and 70 pounds eating the high fruit Optimal Raw Food Diet. I have a friend whose lost 100 pounds eating this way.

I began to eat fruit again. However, I have a tendency to binge, and in the last few days I feel like I may be overdoing it with the fruit. How much is too much? I am concerned about the sugar/carbohydrate intake and also feel quite bloated. Today we picked strawberries and I must have eaten 2 pounds of them. Also, should I be sticking to certain fruits and limiting others? I love all fruit so I have trouble in this regard.

* Roger H: Yes we can eat too much of anything, even fruit. But if you eat enough greens each day and eat within your caloric needs, then you won't be overdoing fruit. We can eat lots of fruit and I know many people who eat the majority of their calories coming from fruit and they are in the best health they've ever been in.

I'd stay away from dried fruit and not overdo fatty fruit, like avocados or even durians. But in most cases it's next to impossible to overeat fruit. This is simply not a concern in most situations.

Also when you eat mostly raw fruits and greens you are going to feel bloated compared to your cooked food days or high fat raw days. That is natural because there are less calories per bite. You have to eat much more weight and volume to get enough calories. So this bloating you are experiencing is likely normal unless you are doing poor food combining and or eating lots of dehydrated foods.


Is there a good resource which outlines what would be an ideal daily diet? For example, how many servings of fruit vs. leafy vegetables, amounts and frequency of each?

* Roger H: I simply suggest you join my raw food coaching, information and support website. You'll get all the psychological, dietary and support information you need to easily succeed at going raw. It's the quickest, easiest and most inexpensive way to succeed at going raw.


Finally, your email re: Dr. Douglas Graham's view of laxatives/colonics was helpful. Should I avoid colonics entirely? I am currently doing them about 4-5 times a week.

* Roger H: Short answer: Yes almost certainly if you value your health, you should stop doing colonics immediately. This is only generic advice. However, I don't really know any good or safe reasons to do colonics. I was once a believer in colonics, but that was before I had a better education. I'll elaborate more below.

Please forgive me if I am asking for too much advice here. I know you are incredibly busy and understand if you do not have time to reply.

Thank you again for the wonderful work that you do.

All the best,



Thanks for your great questions Gina. It has sparked a lot in me and I believe my responses will help you and many of my subscribers as this is very important information.

** More on the Dangers of Colonics:

Let me state here that I've done quite a bit of research on colonics and I have personally met some people that have had serious health problems as a result of doing them. I've read, I've talked to colon Hydrotherapists and even found out what surgeons actually see when they operate on colons. So I'm not lightly throwing out these ideas.

Someone I know had two hernia operations after getting regular colonics. These were using the so-called safe type of colonics.

We don't know for sure if the colonics caused his hernias but I do know he stopped doing colonics because of these hernias. Nevertheless, I'll share more examples of what has happened to people doing colonics.

Unfortunately for some, one of the side effects of colonics is death. Death is not a good side effect.

** The Natural Alternative To A Colonic:

The point is, we don't need colonics to clean out our intestines. Especially if you are eating an all raw food diet. The raw diet is super high in fiber, the fiber from fruits and vegetables act like an intestinal broom and in no time, you're colon will be as clean as it possibly can be.

Also the fibers from fruits and vegetables are much safer to eat than the sharp and harsh fibers that are found in the colon cleansing products and supplements you can buy in a health food store. These fibers can actually cut your intestinal wall.

** There Are No Colonics in Nature:

You don't see a bear going to a waterfall and sticking up his butt. In my opinion colonics are not only unnecessary in almost all situations, but they are also dangerous.

Did you know that at least 7 people have died as a direct result of doing colonics? It's probably a much higher number as the study I read that from was done a long time ago. Did you know that some people as a result of doing colonics can no longer go to the bathroom without doing a colonic?

Here's some information about this from Dr. Douglas Graham on CD number 10 of The Perfect Health Program, entitled "The Surprising Truth About Cleanses, Flushes, Colonics and Detoxification.

According to Dr. Graham in his over 25 years as a health practitioner, he has run into a woman who after just one colonic could never again have a bowel movement on her own, without the aid of a colonic. Imagine being forced to have daily colonics for the rest of your life, just so you can go to the bathroom?

He also met a man that had the same exact problem after just three colonics. And also another man that had it happen to him after six or so colonics.

All I can say is that this CD is amazing; in it you'll learn what is really going on when it comes to detoxification. All sorts of false concepts that most people believe are factually disputed and you'll save your health and a lot of money because you'll never need to do a colonic or to purchase any expensive and dangerous cleansing program ever again.

** Why Take A Chance With Your Health?

Why take such a chance. Even if only 1 in 1,000 or even 10,000 people ever gets injured by doing colonics, do you want to take that chance? It's an unnecessary risk if you eat a clean raw food diet.

The fruit acids and all the fibers in the diet will help your body to clean itself out naturally. I don't know any raw foodist eating an Optimal Raw Food Diet who needs a colonic.

** Everyone Has An Agenda: Determine It To Steer You Clear of Scams

Most people who are aware of alternative healing methods believe it's only the Dr.'s and drug companies that are financially biased in their recommendations.

But they aren't the only ones who are unduly influenced by money. People promoting colonics have a lot of money to gain for each customer they get. Some people do 4 or 5 colonics a week. That can be a fantastic source of income.

So just beware that people promoting, supplements, colonics and cleanses may have more than your best health in mind when they make their recommendations.

Keep in mind I feel all people have an agenda and are biased, even if money isn't the reason for the bias. Always keep that in mind, whether in communications from me or anyone else.

** What is My Bias?

Yes I am biased. In this case, of not recommending colonics, it's not likely to help me financially. In fact, it may hurt me to state the truth. You see many of my subscribers use colonics regularly, some of them I know are Colon Hydrotherapists.

I know because I've gotten many angry emails in the past. These people assume I am ignorant about colonics, but I feel they are the ones who need to learn more.

These people are not going to like what I have to say, unless they are interested in the truth and their health. Many of these people are likely to unsubscribe after reading just a little bit of my message.

My agenda is to help you unleash your infinite potential via any safe and natural means possible. An Optimal Raw Food Diet is just one of the ways to achieve that goal.

I also want to earn a living while doing so. So I show you the products and services I have tried and believe in the most. This is my agenda and keep it in mind with any recommendations I make.

Raw foodists are famous for doing colonics and if I were devious, I could convince you to do colonics and I could make a ton of profit. But the fact of the matter is that raw foodists are the people least in need of a colonic and colonics simply aren't safe.

Doing colonics is invasive and quite risky. Why do colonics when you can get perfectly cleaned out with nature's methods.

** The Colon Isn't Designed For Sending Things Back Up:

Nothing is supposed to go in the colon. The colon is designed to send waste material out, not back in.

If you want to do a cleansing correctly, you have to pick the right bodily entrance and direction. And the best way to clean out is by putting raw foods into your mouth or the beginning of the digestive tract.

The average American gets only 5 grams of fiber a day, and has a food transit time of four days. That means that the waste products from what they eat, stay in their bodies for four days. Most Americans are constipated, poisoned and acidic and this seems to make colonics such a great solution at first glance.

On average, I get 90 grams of fiber per day and I have 2 to 6 bowel movements per day. That's 18 times more fiber than people on the Standard American/Western Diet. The last day I tracked, May 30, 2006 I ate 96 grams of fiber.

With that much fiber naturally occurring in the Optimal Raw Food Diet, I have no need to take any psyllium seeds, or Ejuva or any other colon cleansing product. Not to mention that I have zero need for colonics.

If you are a raw foodist, eating an Optimal Raw Food Diet, there simply is no need for colonics or colon cleanses.

Beware that eating a lot of dehydrated crackers and foods isn't optimal for keeping your colon clean. But then again, those foods are not part of a natural diet and certainly not part of the Optimal Raw Food Diet.

Once you eat this way, stop eating dairy and grains and use proper food combining and you'll have a crystal clear colon. Some people might need to water fast for a few days before they go all raw, but they certainly shouldn't risk the dangers of colonic irrigation.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. Get detailed information about how the body detoxifies itself and why colonics, cleanses and flushes are not the answer on CD # 10 of The Perfect Health Program.

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