Tuesday, October 24, 2006

You've got to listen to this

This is one of the most amazing shows I have ever listened to. I should be going to sleep, but instead I wanted to share this recording with you. It's from the CoastToCoastAm.com radio show.

This is truly amazing stuff. I suggest you go to their website and sign up for their streamlink service. But listen to these first.

Did humans and dinosaurs live at the same time? Is radio carbon dating really accurante? Learn about the giant elephants video recorded and caught on film in a remote region of Nepal. I think the average elephant is about 10 feet tall, whereas these isolated elephants were 17 feet tall. Could they be Wooly Mammoths?

There is so much myth shattering information covered in this interview. Each part is about 40 minutes long. I'll start with the first part of the interview and add more as I get time.

You can check out Dr. Dennis Swift's website: http://dinosaursandhumans.org/

Listen here to this Indiana Jones type of Archeologist.

Part 1: About 40 minutes

Part 2: About 40 minutes

Part 3: About 40 minutes

Look at this picture of the so-called mythical 500 pound catfish. Actually it's 647 pounds.

Or look at this giant fresh water Sting Ray. Again these supposedly weren't supposed to exist. This one is 800 pounds and about 18 feet long.

P.S. This stuff is mindblowing. You may never be the same after listening to this. So many scientific myths will be shattered.


RichardC said...

Roger: This is typical creationist BS, to put it politely. You can find debunkings here and here. If you take this stuff seriously then you have a poor understanding of how science works. I canceled my subscription to your newsletter when I saw this post.

Roger Haeske said...


Defensive aren't we. I find your comment quite amusing. I myself have 100% certainty that we were created by some kind of higher intelligence. What that intelligence was I don't know, but I'm 100% certain of that. I have hundreds of scientific reasons and other reasons to believe it.

But the funny thing is that it doesn't really matter to me. I'm not Christian. If for some strange reason I am wrong I'd readily admit it and feel no shame or guilt whatsoever.

The really funny thing is how Evolutionists don't realize that to them Evolution is a religion. They don't use critical thinking to realize their arguments don't make any sense when you take a non-fragmented view of the situation.

One can prove just about anything and make it seem scientific, if you show only part of the picture or a few of the facts.

So what if I support the theory that we were created? Why would that make someone so mad that they'd want to unsubscribe from my newsletter? It's because Evolution is the Atheist religion and it makes them mad to be proven wrong.

Personally I could care less if a person believed in evolution, but the rest of what they taught was really valuable to me. In fact, I know this to be the case in some of the people I study. But to me it's not a big deal.

This has happened to me before. Scientific types trying to insult my intelligence and claiming evolution has been proven. Then they unsubscribe because they think I'm a hick or a non-thinking religious zealot. The problem is these people don't realize they are specifically being misled and not given all the information.

Evolution has actually been disproven and it's proven that we were created by something. What that something is, is a completely different story.

If anyone wants to really learn something all you have to do is check out this website.


I have not read the whole website, so I can't say I agree with it all because I haven't read it all. But just the chapter on DNA and Protein which you can get to from this link would help convince any person who is actually open minded.


In that chapter alone there are at least 10 solid reasons why evolution was simply impossible.

The worst thing about all of this is that there are a certain group of elite people who have been creating the curriculums in the schools who know evolution is incorrect, but they want us to believe it despite the mounds of scientific arguments against it. It's in their political and profit minded best interests for us not to believe in a higher power. Virtually all that is taught in the public schools and all the famous people who are the intellectual leaders in the schools were specifically picked to misleed people about reality.

The funny thing is the evolutionists don't realize they are supporting a theory designed to gradually erode their freedoms. But this is a bit complex to explain here.

Just read this chapter and you'll see what I mean.


It's on the history of evolutionary theory. Everything is nicely tied together there.

I don't believe evolution because of science and not because of religion.

To believe evotion, you'd have to believe that something more complex than a laptop computer would have to be created on it's own by chance. Because even the simplest single celled organism's DNA is so complex and cannot be produced by luck because of it's complexity.

But lets say a female laptop fully assembled itself as the first life form on the planet. Then you would need a female laptop to create itself which is fully compatible with the female laptop. So sometime before that female laptop died and or couldn't reproduce, another miracle needed to happen.

Now your odds doubled. Next those laptops would have needed to have a food supply. What if they evolved in the North Pole but they were designed to eat tropical foods. They'd be dead shortly.

But then again, I'm presuming somethign else. How did these laptops create themselves and then how did they actually become alive?

No human in a laboratory has ever succeed in creating life. This has been tried many times, but it's been impossible.

So all by luck complex and programmed life forms were created and all by themselves with no intelligence to begin with they created life.

If you look at it this way, you realize the absolute absurdity of the theory of evolution.

For all we know, God created the simplest form of life and then programmed it to evolve.

So in that way, I don't really care if evolution was proved correct or not. I have no doubt that I am a divine being. I've had my own personal experiences of which no person or theory could take away.

And best of all, even though you may have unsubscribed from my newsletter, the other 90% of the world that believes in God and in creation, like my teachings even better because I believe it with them.

"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."