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The Real Secret To Conquering Anxiety!

Conquering anxiety, fear and depression is fairly easy once you know the source of it. In this post I'm going to show you the surprising source of all fears. When you understand this principle, you'll be able to use it for much more than overcoming anxiety, it can revolutionize your life.

I'm also going to share some quotes from the Orison S. Marden special report entitled "Courage." You can get your own complimentary copy of it by going to this page.

Getting back to the previous blog post and why I thought his writing is so powerful. On a certain level, I have to agree with the person criticizing Orison's report as not having much 'direct' self-help information. But it's loaded with indirect courage and character boosters.

So I'll share some of his quotes and inject some of my responses to these quotes. But first let me explain about the cause of fear and anxiety.

The Source of All Fears and Anxieties

In my previous blog post, I stated this:

I'll share with you an insight on the cause of fear and how to easily beat fear by simply changing your perspective. It's really all about "looking and creating"

What I'm telling you is very important. Don't overlook what you are about to read. This could change your life if you understand and apply it.

If you've ever experienced fear, I can show you how to shut it off instantly and I'll show you the source of all fear. Once you understand the source of the fear, then it's much easier to turn it off.

Fear can only happen if you LOOK in a certain direction. What I mean by that is the looker inside of us, the consciousness that is you, or soul is constantly looking. This looking is actually creating your reality.

What most souls don't realize is that they are constantly creating their reality by what they look at. Or another way of saying it is, by what thoughts and images they CHOOSE to think about and feel.

Fear is nothing but an image and emotion. It's something we look at from a spiritual perspective. The more we look at fear, the stronger the fear becomes. We are the actual creator of our own fears. Yes that's right. Let me say it again.

We are the creator of our own fears. We are the very source of the thing we fear.

To get rid of fear instantly, all we have to do is to look at something else in our imagination. How can you fear what you don't see or feel? Look at images of happiness, success, light and love. You can't have fear while you're looking at them.

The problem is people wrongly believe that fear is something outside of themselves. However, I've realized that fear is simply an inner image that I have at times chosen to look at. This quote from Marden might help you.

"Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste death but once."

If you understand that quote, you instantly understand what you need to do. Live your life in the moment and never look at thoughts of fear. Deal with fear only in the moment it's happening. Then you'll only have to face fear once, if at all. In truth, you never have to face fear if you don't create fear by looking at it.

When This Technique Doesn't Fully Work

Now I must say one thing here. During my 6.5 years of depression, this technique did not completely work for me. My body and brain were so messed up that I simply couldn't shake the emotional feeling of gloom and doom. My body chemistry didn't allow me to expand to a state of happiness, even when doing my darndest to focus on happiness.

If you are depressed or have subtle nagging fears it could very well be your diet. I've met so many people who went raw and overcame depression by going raw. For me all it took was one day and my depression was over.

If you want to overcome depression, feel years younger, lose excess fat around the middle and operate at peak mental and physical efficiency, then I suggest you check out for the coaching, support and motivation to make going raw fun and enjoyable.

During my depression I focused on God as much as possible. I chanted spiritual words all through my workday. But this was only good enough to get me to survive the day, not to feel happy. But if your brain is functioning properly, this technique will work for you right away.

But it doesn't just apply to fear, it applies to anything else in life. What you ignore dies in your consciousness and what you focus upon magnifies. If you feel cravings for an unhealthy food, those cravings are all created by what you are looking at. Yes it's true.

The battle in life is mostly a battle in the mind.

Here Are The Rest Of The Orison Marden Quotes

Please keep one thing in mind. These quotes are about 100 years old. So when he's talking about "man" you can insert "human" instead. Even in his report on "Courage" he shares a story of a famous female author. That's just a limitation of the English language and no one was politically correct in those days.

"No one believes in him because he does not believe in himself."

If you have constant fears and doubts then you'll never move towards a successful life. I know this from my own experience and seeing it in those around me.

Fear keeps people trapped. Fear must be overcome and self-confidence instilled. Again, this is all a looking process.

"Much of what passes for heroism, when in great catastrophes men rescue others from burning buildings or perform daring deeds in a railroad wreck or shipwreck, or on the field of battle, is born of excitement and a natural impulse to rush into danger.

Greater than all these heroes is the man who, in the face of ridicule, amid the sneers and contempt of fellowman, in spite of popular clamor, stands true to principle, justice, right. Moral courage is a nobler, higher thing than mere physical, courage.

There is a sublimity about moral courage which seems to ride triumphantly over the difficulties which awe timid souls because it releases us from the fear of man, the fear of public opinion, the fear of criticism and denunciation of our fellows."

Reading the above three paragraphs made me realize it is right to stand for my convictions, even if everyone around me is telling me I am wrong and hating me for it. A leader often has to take an unpopular stand in life. I can't stand politicians who only take action after they have studied the polls. Where is their backbone? What about doing what is right?

"What a rare thing it is to find a man who is courageous enough to say what he thinks, to think out loud; has the courage to step out of the crowd, to make his own creed and live it!"


"A great deal of unhappiness and vice of the world is owing to weakness and indecision, in other words, to lack of courage and want of industry. Men may know what is right, and yet fail to exercise the courage to do it; they may understand the duty they have to do but will not summon up the requisite resolution to perform it.

The weak and undisciplined man is at the mercy of every temptation, he cannot say "no," and if his companionship be bad, he will be all the more easily led away by evil example and wrong doing."

The last quote is so powerful for me, because I have a friend who's falling victim to those problems. But the quotes made clear at least to me, what the problem was. I really hope she reads my post. I already sent her the Marden report, but I can't force her to read it.

Did you notice this part of the quote?: "if his companionship be bad" If you want to be a success you have to be very careful who you spend the majority of your time with. Also be careful who you let your children spend time with. This is crucial.

"Positive men, decisive men of force, may take false steps, may make mistakes, sometimes serious ones, but in a lifetime they accomplish infinitely more than the negative, timid character, who never dared to push ahead or risk making a mistake. The over cautious person, the one who always weighs and balances an reconsiders every step lest he make a slip, may have a safe career, but never a great one. It is ever the bold man, the independent, aggressive, forceful character, the man of strong convictions who is victorious."

The above quote is truly inspiring. The road to success is paved with many mistakes. The key is not to repeat the same mistake. If you want to get really good at something, you have to make the most mistakes.

"He can't who thinks he can't, is just as true as, he can who thinks he can. As we think, so we are."

Ok then, I hope you enjoyed these quotes and that you now know how to conquer fear forever.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. You can get your free copy of Orison S. Marden's report on "Courage" by clicking on this link:

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