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Roger Makes Admissions About His Last Email!

You know it's really interesting being in this business of helping people to improve their lives and doing so over the Internet. This past Sunday I sent out an email to my Superbeing Secrets subscribers and customers with the subject line: This Hang-up Ruins Most People!

As usual, I get quite a varying degree of responses but I had to answer someone who gave me somewhat negative feedback on the free report I was giving away. I think he was being honest and from his perspective, maybe even correct, but personally, I disagree.

I'll post his feedback to me below and then I'll give you feedback from a woman who was influenced to go for her dreams after reading this report. The report is called "Courage" and it's by the father of the modern self-help movement, Orison S. Marden.

A far as the 1st report goes, ("Courage" by Orison Marden) it's not so much about self-help: in fact, the only how-to was found nearly at the end, in that positive self-talk suggestion for times of discouragement -may well be a good one, but nothing special, definitely not up to the hype ("by definition", you could argue, but... you get the point). If I were you, I would share a more powerful content in your free report -provided the Marden's writings you own are rich enough in that respect. Hope this helps.

Take care!

I happen to believe the content was indeed very powerful. But it's possible for some people to not have recognized the golden wisdom revealed on every single page of the report.

* People who haven't experienced much fear or terror in their lives, might not understand the significance of what Marden was communicating.

* People who have not been in a position of leadership and doing what is right, despite significant personal and emotional cost to them, might not understand the significance of what Marden was writing.

* People who have not been ostracized by society, friends and the people they work with for taking an unpopular stand, might not understand the value of what is written here.

* People who are so cowardly that they never in their lives stood up for 'what they believe in' in the first place, might not understand why what Marden wrote is so important.

* People who have not been through depression and have had to live in fear for many years of their lives, might not understand the significance of what the great Orison S. Marden shared in his report.

To me his writing is loaded with valuable information that isn't so common even in this day and age, in the field of self-improvement.

I can say so because I actually copied many paragraphs directly out of the report to share with you. Mind you, I had to manually type these out, as I was not allowed to actually copy and paste anything from this report directly.

Therefore, if I'm going to take my valuable time, to copy and type these paragraphs so that I can share them with my readers, they must contain something of worth. After all, I've been studying in the self-help field at least since 1981 or 26 years. I've read hundreds of books, attended seminars, led seminars, authored books and reports etc. in this field. I know what I'm talking about.

I meant every word I said in my last email and there was not an ounce of so called "hype" or exaggeration in what I said. I was quite moved by what I read and thought it could move others as well. And it turned out I was right.

Now for an email from a person who has decided to do something which to many people could seem risky and dangerous. But she finally decided to go for her dreams after reading this report from Marden.

Hi Roger,

Thank you for the e-book entitled Courage and Self-Faith. I have made the decision to quit my job and focus all my energies on teaching the raw lifestyle. This is just what I needed to encourage me and keep me moving forward.

I look forward to the other publications.

Thanks for the awesome work you do to help us all. I admire you for what you do and who you are.

A fan,


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I'll shortly be adding a new autoresponder message to the site in which I've written an article that shows anyone how to easily create an information product for himself or herself. With this method you drop your workload and product creation time dramatically and you have testimonials and case studies built in to your product.

Back to the Marden report: Here's another couple of positive comments on "Courage" by Marden.

You were so right Roger, that speech contained Backbone, uprightness- I loved it- thank you!


Hey Roger,

Yesterday I downloaded the Report that is mentioned below, and I found the information to be enlightening and definitely motivating! During the download, a special offer appeared to get several other Reports from this Author. However, the offer appeared before I was able to read the Report. After reading it, I discovered that I would like to read the additional Reports. Is there anyway to access that offer again.

Thanks for your time.


I want to thank all of the above people for their positive and not so positive but constructive comments.

Being in this business, I get criticism of my actions just about every day. Having experienced much fear and terror in my life I can identify with what Orison Marden wrote.

It's these kinds of experiences which makes Marden's writing so incredibly powerful. He speaks the truth. Much of his advice is indirect and if you aren't perceptive, it might pass through your awareness.

One Of My Battles

Several years back I made a decision to do something I truly believed in to create a new raw food support group in NYC called the Raw Health and Happiness Society. But I knew I would face terrible repercussions in the local raw food community. This shouldn't have been the case under normal circumstances but there were some people from our old group who really had it out for us.

Even some of my close friends figured it wasn't worth it for me to do what I was doing. Why rock the boat, even if it's the right thing to do? Why lose the social opportunities by doing what I was going to do? Why make enemies of what turns out to be some really shallow and misinformed people?

It took backbone and fortitude to do what I did. But after worrying about my decision the previous night, the next morning I woke up with a spiritual glow in my consciousness and then I knew this was the right thing to do.

All hell broke loose when I decided to create the "Raw Health and Happiness Society." I had so many people against me. Luckily I also had some strong supporters who gave me courage. You can read more about this story here. http://www.rawfoodny.com/organizers.htm

But I stuck to my guns, despite the flurry of criticism and hatred towards me by many formerly friendly persons. This was not an easy experience for me to go through. I initially went through a lot of stress and anxiety over this.

I can tell you that if you want to be a leader in life and do what is right, you very often have to face sharp criticism, even if that criticism is wrong. If you can't handle that criticism, you simply won't succeed in being a leader.

How The "Courage" Report Helped Me

The report on "Courage," strongly reinforced my own courage and made me realize the importance of what I did in the past and how right it was for me to stand up for what I believe in. It illustrated "character."

It also made me realize how to sail through these kinds of experiences in the future without stress and anxiety. The next time something stressful like this happens to me, it's going to be easy for me to deal with it.

I have so much incredible information to share with you. But this post is getting too long. So in my next post I'll put up lots of Marden quotes from his "Courage" report and I'll share with you an insight on the cause of fear and how to easily beat fear by simply changing your perspective. It's really all about "looking and creating" but I'll explain that in the upcoming post.

And by the way, "The Hang-up That Ruins Most People" is FEAR and a lack of self-confidence that is associated with it. Courage is the antidote.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

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Harold said...

Hello Roger,
I think your blog is totally right.
I was so impressed with the Marden material you put out on your site over the last weekend that I bought the whole series of ebooks.
These books from the early 20th century have a terrific amount to teach us about courage, tenacity and achievement. It can be very tough in our lives when people who we have shared a vision with and loved in the past turn against is because of some unpopular stand we have been forced to take. It brings us into a place we don't like to be in and one that can seem very lonely. I think that your websites are some of the very best on the web and I have benefited very much from your raw food articles and advice. I have started eating a mainly raw fruit diet because of what I read on your site and I have to tell you that the results are almost miraculous. I find that I'm shedding a lot of excess weight and I now have a terrific amount of energy, which was not the case before. I'm totally convinced that if I stick to what I have rightly conceived in my heart along the spiritual path no obstacle will be able to prevent me from fully reaching my goals.
Godspeed to you!
Harold Mitchell, Sheffield, England