Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How To Be On Vacation The Rest Of Your Life!

The concept is simple; spend your time doing what you love, then virtually every day of your life will be so enjoyable that it feels like you're on vacation.

I feel I'm an extremely lucky person, I really am living this kind of life. The reason being is that I totally love the work I do to earn a living. And not only that, the kind of business I have has incredible room for growth and I can set my own hours and take time off whenever I feel like it.

It's kind of strange, but I often turn down social engagements or other things I used to really love, because I'd prefer to be working on my business. I love being able to help people improve their lives and I love being able to express myself through my newsletter and the information products I create. And I really love creating money with ideas.

If you want to learn how to do this, then take a visit to this site I highly recommend. Just click this link: http://www.Superbeing.net/LifeVacation.html Or keep on reading below to find out more.

It's not that I have so much money (yet) that I can afford to take a year or two off at a time, but that when I work, it doesn't seem like work, it seems like fun. The day I was able to quit my day job and promote health, raw foods, peak performance and fitness as my very own online business, was the day I went on a permanent vacation.

This magical date happened for me in the fall of 2005. But you have to realize that I've been working and striving for this goal since 1990. It took me 15 years to get to this point and I had many, many setbacks along the way.

Take The Shortcut To Success In Doing What You Love

If I had to start my journey all over again, knowing what I know now, I'd do things differently. The first thing I'd do is find a successful mentor or coach to guide me and steer me past the many pitfalls. This one step alone could have saved me 10 or more years of needless struggle.

I was stubborn and going to do it and do it on my own. I read all sorts of books and did whatever I could to further my education, but I never had a business mentor. I realize now that I could have been a success in a much shorter time period. I wasted so much time because I didn't have the experience to know I was wasting time.

These days with the Internet, it's possible to make a living doing what you love even quicker. But you have to know what to focus on. There are so many opportunities that you'll fall back by sheer confusion and trying too many things.

Why do I say this? Because I've tried loads of different ways to make money and most of them were a waste of time for me. People make money in all of these different ways, but they weren't right for me. You just have to find a good system and stick with it. If you keep jumping from opportunity to opportunity, you'll surely fail.

Here's a Mentor I Highly Recommend

I guarantee you'll save yourself years of struggle and maybe even depression and desperation if you get involved with this awesome program. I'm going to be taking it myself. So I can't yet give you my personal recommendation, but I know a lot about the creator of the program and I know he's been very successful with his raw food and health related business.

When you can take a month off at a time and travel to exotic places all around the world, you're doing all right. Even better, imagine moving from bitter cold Quebec, Canada to Costa Rica and buying your very own raw food retreat center. Then continuing with your online business while living in paradise.

That's the beauty of starting an online business. All you really need is a computer (laptop for travel) and an Internet connection and you can do an hour or two of work while you're at the beach.

This is total freedom. Freedom from being told what to do by a boss, freedom to do the things that make you the happiest. The difference in my level of happiness is like night and day. I hated working for others, but now I'm the boss and I make all of my decisions. It's a fantastic feeling.

Frederic Patenaude is the mentor I recommend for your journey. He's going to show you all the ins and outs of his business successes and failures. He'll show you the shortcuts to success that he learned the hard way. He'll take years off of your learning curve.

Why not be a success in a year or even six months instead of being like me and taking 15 years. Heck, even if it took you a couple of years, so what, the rest of your life will be spent in retirement and on vacation.

I suggest you hurry on over to check out his brand new program and get in while you still can. There are only 6 spots left and if you dilly dally you won't be able to get in now and even worse, the price will increase substantially the next time this program is released.

Introducing: How To Make A Living In The Natural Health Movement

Click on the link below to step into a new and wonderous life.

==> http://www.Superbeing.net/LifeVacation.html

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. Frederic has a load of great tips at his site. Just sign up for his free newsletter. I just love some of the articles he sends out. They are so true and one of the things he'll show you is how to get beyond a poverty mindset.

This is really why most people fail in life, they have attitudes and beliefs that attract failure. Frederic will show you how to shed those useless beliefs and move on to a greater life. So take a quick visit on over to his site and consider this once in a lifetime opportunity that he's offering you by visiting this link.

==> http://www.Superbeing.net/LifeVacation.html

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Joshua BenAvides said...

Hey Roger,

My name is Joshua BenAvides. Im excited to know that you will be taking this course as I am too. Im really looking forward to it, and to truly start getting more information out to people about Peak Performance and Well-Being with Raw, Living Foods and also to connect and network with the people that are already moving in that direction, like yourself.
I have a feeling we will be working together at some point and supporting each others efforts towards an Abundant and Amazing Life.
I am in line with what you are saying. Like Mark Twain said, "True success happens when you make your vocation your vacation."
We must do what we love and share that with all people. This is truly how the world changes.
Much Peace and Blessings towards all that you are working on.