Friday, March 09, 2007

Does Al Gore practice what he preaches?

I just found these articles. It's quite obvious after reading these that Al Gore is interested in promoting environmentalism but doesn't care to live in anything resembling an ecologically or environmentally friendly way.

Please keep in mind, I'm all for protecting our environment. But I'm also for the truth. So I think we need to separate environmentalism from the whole Global Warming scare. When scientists are losing their jobs and even having death threats sent to them because they publicize their findings that humans don't cause global warming, then there is a problem.

I've put up a link at the end of this post that will open your eyes to what the real experts are saying about global warming. Please don't be so quick to react. Simply view with an open mind. There are differing viewpoints on the causes of Global Warming and these are coming from many of the top scientists in the world and who aren't on any oil company pay rolls. In fact, the big money these days is in government sponsored global warming studies. There is 4 billion dollars behind the growing global warming hysteria.

Why do you think the concept of Global Warming gets so much media coverage? The media is controlled by the largest polluters of the world. There is a hidden politcal and power agenda behind global warming that doesn't have anything to do with Republicans or Democrats.

The funniest thing about all of this is that during warmer periods in our recent history, societies actually prospered the most. Gradual global warming is much preferrred over global cooling.

I wonder how much fuel and electricity Al Gore uses in his mansion or two other homes? How about how much fuel he expends while flying all over the place in private jets.

Get ready for some Inconvenient Truths about Al Gore.

Even more detail at this link.

This is simply more evidence of the plan by this Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member's (Al Gore) plan to use Global Warming for political purposes. This environmentalist strategy is fully outlined and documented in "The Creature From Jekyll Island," pg 526 - 536. These people have no genuine interest in saving the environment, but they do have an interest in a One World Government.

The threat of the destruction of our planet and losses of millions of lives due to human caused Global Warming is simply one of their tools to steer us towards a global government. The real facts mean nothing to them. They simply use this to get their desired political results. Terrorism is another such tool.


P.S. This just made available. A video on Google by climatologists etc. claiming Global Warming is not caused by man. Why not get both sides of the story before you decide. This is a powerful and entertaining video from British television.

The Great Global Warming Swindle

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