Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Spiritual Secret To Happiness Hidden In This Jimmy Stewart Movie

A couple of weeks ago I watched for the first time an old Jimmy Stewart movie from 1950 called "Harvey." I'm not sure why I decided to keep on watching it but it somehow caught my attention.

And boy am I glad I did watch it. That movie held a hidden secret to happiness for those with the awareness to recognize the secret and live differently after seeing this movie.

I've read several reviews of the movie, but a good portion of the reviewers made no mention of the most important thing revealed in this so-called comedy. These people just didn't get the incredible secret to constant happiness that was being revealed to them.

I can see why. It takes a certain kind of spiritual training to understand that you could use this principle in your daily life. I've heard of "constantly focusing on divine love" or "practicing the presence of God," but this movie applied this idea in a very different way than I was used to thinking.

In fact, it's changed how I view and react to life. Jimmy Stewarts character Elwood P. Dowd was always happy. Nothing appearing negative could faze him or take him out of his belief that every day is a beautiful day.

He was a perfect example of being CAUSE or the conscious source of his own reality. No matter how bad things appeared to others, to Elwood it was always a wonderful thing. He always reframed things "that appeared negative to others" into something positive. This was just his natural state of being. Nothing difficult here.

The magical result of his thinking and belief system was that nothing could harm him, even though he was in ominous circumstances several times in the movie.

It's the Law of Attraction in action. Expect good things to come and they always will. It's a law of the universe and it works universally. And if no matter how negative something appears you treat it as a good thing, then all you'll get is a constant flow of positive experiences. This is the spiritual art of detachment.

In the movie, the reason nothing seemingly negative ever happened to Elwood P. Dowd was that he had a magical friend a 6 foot 3.5 inch rabbit that protected him. This invisible rabbit (but visible to Elwood) mysteriously manipulated events so that no one could do any harm to Elwood.
I realized, that we all have this rabbit or pooka with us should we so choose. We live in a dynamic spiritual universe. All we do is spiritual. Whether it's business, or talking with friends and family members, it's all spiritual. Spiritual lessons can be learned in any field of endeavor.

But if you want to enter into the spiritual dimensions of abundance and love there are very specific rules you must follow. You can't experience love for instance, if you don't give love.

Another rule is that Soul or "you" exist in the moment. It's what you're doing in the present moment that counts, the past and future don't matter. No matter if you're the worst mass murderer, God never holds it against you, if in that moment you open to divine love, then even the most evil person will experience heaven and happiness.

If you hold any kind of grudge, then in that moment you can't enter into the spiritual kingdom. God is all forgiving, if we want to be happy all the time, then we must go beyond our egos and be all forgiving as well.

The key to heaven lies in the moment. If you want to be happy, then only see happiness and love around you. Expect only the best and you'll get it.

One of my favorite parts of the movie had to deal with "being pleasant." That was such a golden nugget of wisdom. Look for it in the movie and it could change the course of your life for the better.

This is one of those movies I plan to watch over and over again. I've already seen it twice and I plan on getting my own DVD of it.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. Remember no matter how negative a situation seems to be, it's only your perception of negativity that makes it negative. Try to only see the positive no matter how you would have reacted to the same circumstances in the past. When you do that, then every day will be "A beautiful day in the neighborhood." (Thanks Mister Roger's)


Anonymous said...

Harvey was probably so happy because he ate raw foods like carrots and lettuces. But seriously, I saw this movie on television when I was a kid and remember it fondly. In fact, in my house, if something was lost or broken, family members would say,"Harvey did it!"
Thanks for the recommendation of a movie with the spiritual secret to happiness built in. Now I'll tell you a secret-the latest Will Smith movie, The Pursuit of Happiness, is pretty depressing!
Jeri B

Amber said...

Thanks Roger! This is amazing - I recently saw Harvey on TCM (about a week ago) and had very similar revelations, including the philosophy of being pleasant.

Just yesterday, I was having conscious moments of choosing inner peace over reacting to the outer turmoil and noise of the world. This is not something I normally do and I do believe it was in part a subconscious act due to the effect that movie had on me.

After watching the movie, I was aware that it had planted some very strong seeds in me. I usually know when the "universe" is trying to teach me something because it's like my attention becomes fixated very intensely, and that's what happened when I was watching Harvey.

I agree with you that a lot of people could learn important life lessons from that movie, if they would allow it to speak to their higher self.

Russell said...

yes the understanding of being in a state of gratitude to what ever life throws our way is a guarantee to live life wit a smile

Kathleen Keene said...

I requested this movie from the library a week or so ago, and watched it the night before last with my 9 year old! It was goofy, yet I loved the little nuggets of wisdom in it as well. (choosing pleasantness over smartness!) And "The evening wore on" he lingered in those words, and how he complimented the nurse! :)
How you see the movie reminds me of "What the Bleep do We Know?!?!?" If you haven't seen this, it would be wise to do so!