Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How I Squashed The Flu And So Can You!

Getting the flu sucks! One time I had the worst flu ever and it lasted 6 weeks. This was in the winter of 1997, during my first serious attempt at going 100% raw.

I used to get the flu about once a year. It's been over 6 years now since I've had the flu. Actually, I can't quite remember exactly how many years it's been. It could be more than six, but I'm sure it's been at least 6 years.

Who likes being out of commission, in bed with a fever, scratchy throat and constantly coughing and sneezing for a minimum of 1 to 2 weeks?

It's not my favorite way of getting time off. When you're self-employed, getting the flu is not only a miserable experience, but you're also losing plenty of money and opportunities.

This is true of employees as well but it's just harder to realize due to the benefit of sick days. But who do you think is going to get the first opportunity at a raise? The person who's sick for two weeks out of the year, or the person who never gets sick.

You'll simply be more valuable and productive to your employer if you don't get sick.

When I had my worst flu ever, in the winter of 1997, I was eating 100% raw.

Yes, that's right... I was 100% raw and I had the worst flu ever. Some of my raw food friends attribute it to the initial detox of going 100% raw, but I know now that wasn't why I had such a hard time overcoming the flu.

The reason I had the flu was because I was doing the raw food diet plain wrong. I was loading up on one kind of food as my staple that simply shouldn't be a staple.

After a month of eating like this, my body started changing. Every time I took a bite of this food at room temperature, it would send shivers down my spine. I was freezing all the time.

This is a fine raw food; I simply wouldn't make it something you'd eat on a daily basis as your main staple, for weeks on end.

This food has powerful natural cooling properties. This I found out in later readings, from several independent sources. One of those sources was the quasi raw nutritionist Paul Bragg.

It's crazy that I had to read this information somewhere else before I applied it in my own life. I should have known it from my own experience, but I was just too green when it came to eating a raw food diet to understand. I found out the hard way, through painful experience.

I was stubborn because I had faith in the raw diet no matter how much my health had deteriorated. But it wasn't the raw diet that was wrong, I just didn't know what the heck I was doing, even though I had read many raw food books.

So what is this food? Actually it's a whole category of food – citrus fruit.

I ate a ton of oranges in the winter of 97. They had really good oranges that year. I hardly ate any fatty foods because at the time they were hard for me to digest and because they weren't that interesting to me.

I barely ate bananas because at that time I didn't even realize that bananas are ripe when they start getting black spots on them. I had so much to learn about how to do a raw food diet in the right way.

But in my ignorance I blamed the raw food diet for my problems. I also thought that my body was damaged and couldn't do a 100% raw food diet. I held that thought for many years only to eventually realize I was wrong.

So why don't I get the flu anymore? It's simple. I eat an Optimal Raw Food Diet and do it correctly. This makes me much more resistant to colds and flues than the average bloke. It doesn't matter if you're around children all the time. I was a tennis pro, teaching children every day.

All that matters is that you eat correctly and do the seven other major things necessary for optimal health. I don't care how good your diet is, if you don't get any exercise, you aren't going to be healthy or reaching your full potential. Same goes for sleep, etc. It's not just about eating raw but about being healthy.

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I can help you to pinpoint what isn't obvious to you. I can detect the subtle errors in your approach that a book just can't do.

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To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

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Thanks Roger, for your continual support and encouragement! I would have a hard time without you, really! :)