Thursday, April 12, 2007

Discover Why... "I Feel So Good I Can Barely Stand It"

Yesterday I went outside in the sunlight and the crisp spring air and did my new Instant Energy Exercise Routine. These are a powerful group of energy enhancing exercises I recently stumbled upon.

When I came back home from doing the exercises I got a call from a friend. While talking to her, I realized that I felt so good, right there and then... that I almost couldn't stand it.

I felt an incredible feeling of invigoration and happiness. I could feel all of my cells vibrating and tingling with energy, oxygen and joy. The best way to describe it is total-body invigoration.

It's hard to explain, but when you get close to your physical limit of expressing happiness, it's almost as if it's too much. But it wasn't too much, it was just as much as I could take and it was fantastic. The best news is I keep reproducing similar results day after day.

Another incredible thing I've noticed is that I do better with less sleep since doing these exercises. I'm sure at the bare minimum, I'm sleeping a half hour less than I used to.

These aren't particularly new exercises, you've probably done some of them at one point or another. But there is a certain commonality to all of them which is the secret to the energy boosting results.

My Lighting Speed Fitness Program will also give you a natural high, but these exercises work even quicker to produce a natural high and super energy levels. They also aren't as physically demanding to get those kind of results.

Yet, with these exercises, you can also get a powerful workout and you don't need any equipment. You'll be huffing and puffing if you push yourself.

Here's what the Instant Energy Exercises Can Do For You...

1. Give you a quick natural high, any time you need it.

2. Increase your physical energy levels, any time you need it.

3. Increase your mental alertness, any time you need it.

4. Decrease your need for sleep by half an hour to an hour a night.

5. You can do these any time, no need to even get into exercise clothing, just put on your sneakers.

6. Save loads of time because you can exercise, while doing your normally sedentary job or daily chores. It's like multitasking your fitness program and other activities at the same time.

7. Cleanse your body because of the increased flow of lymph fluid.

8. These exercises are really fun to do. Young children often do them naturally. These will make you feel like a child all over again. Experience the joy of living all over again.

Parts of the body exercised:


One of the exercises even helps me crack my back.

Do you want these benefits in as little as five minutes per day? Actually, you can start to feel the incredible effects after the first minute of doing these. From 1 minute to 1 hour, the choice is yours.

I have a special offer for you but you must act quickly

I'll personally train you in what these exercises are and how to do them. But you must give me feedback via email and be willing to allow me to use your email feedback as part of the complete product that I sell in the future.

You'll be a Beta-Tester of the program for me. I'll personally coach you via email in getting the best results, personalized for you and your needs. You'll get a full month to ask me any fitness questions. I'll be your fitness coach, I'll be checking on your progress and motivating you to get going.

But in all reality, I think you'll find these exercises so enjoyable that you won't need me to motivate you to do them. They are that fun and of course, the results are out of this world.

My normal coaching rate is $100 per hour, a month of coaching like this is worth a minimum of $500. But because you are helping me out, you'll be able to get the full program an estimated $25 value and a month of email fitness coaching for only $50.00. That's 10 times less than what you would normally pay for this kind of coaching -- a savings of $450.00.

Once the product is complete you'll also get full access to the completed version. All I require of you is that you try the exercises and give me feedback via email and allow me to use your emails and name in a future version of the product.

I have all the basics ready for you, including 18 exercises in the current program, now I just need someone like you to honestly test it out and send me your feedback via email.

Your input will help me improve the program and possibly add other exercises. That is why you can get in on this coaching program at such a steeply discounted rate.

But you have to act quickly as I can only accommodate a maximum of 20 people in this special Energy Fitness Coaching program. I expect it to sell out within a day or two.

As a special bonus for helping me out, I'll also give you my upcoming program called "The Fastest Way To Do 100 Pushups In A Row.

I always wanted to do 100 pushups in a row. I worked hard at improving my pushup numbers for many years, but progress was very slow. Just getting to 50 pushups in a row seemed like a monumental task. But on January 1, 2007 I finally reached the goal of 100 in a row after a lifetime of doing pushups.

The secret to my much faster progress was something I learned by listening to an interview of the great Jack La Lanne and his workout methods. He used to have the world record for pushups in a row at over 1,000. I finally realized what I was doing wrong and created quick and fun ways to increase my pushups to 100 in a row and more.

My current record is 111 in a row. Now I'm moving on to new fitness goals. You can use the ideas in this program to increase how many chinups or pullups you do in a row. I suppose you could use it for just about any fitness goal where you are trying to do more in a row of something.

You'll get all the fun exercises. The main one is like a game or competition with yourself. You can make dramatic improvements in the number of pushups you can do in only five minutes a day. I usually do it while listening to inspiring classical music by Beethoven.

I share all my secrets for the quickest gains. Some of these ideas are not what you might expect, but they work beautifully. This program itself is at least a $25 value and you can have it when you help me test out the Instant Energy Exercises.

This coming Monday, April 16th, you'll get your first email where I reveal the program basics and the first steps you should take. I expect to receive at least some email feedback after each lesson I send you. Over the coming month, you'll receive more emails completing all of the exercises involved with the program. I don't want to overwhelm you at first.

You only need to do a couple of these exercises to get some fantabulous results.

In the process, you can ask me any other fitness related questions you might have.

I will not be providing dietary coaching via this program. So please don't ask any raw food related questions, this is for fitness related coaching only. And it should mostly be directed to this particular program.

If you want to send your happiness and energy levels soaring and get my fitness coaching at a steeply discounted price, then just visit the Instant Energy Exercises Order Page.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. Remember there are a maximum of 20 coaching spots available. I expect this opportunity to get personalized coaching from me at a deeply discounted price won't last more than a day or two. Please use the link below to order.