Friday, April 13, 2007

I Still Can't Believe How Great I Feel

I'm just flying all over the place. After combining the Instant Energy Exercises with the Lightning Speed Fitness Program, I'm just cranking. I have so much energy and desire to get things done, it's not even funny.

When I went to my mailbox which is about 75 yards away, I decided to sprint there.

Not because I felt I needed the exercise. It had nothing to do with that at all. I just had a burning desire to run as fast as I could.

With my new Instant Energy Exercises I have so much extra energy, that my body wants to workout, three times a day. All I have to do is the first routine in the morning and then I find myself doing more and more of these exercises throughout the day. It's almost becoming an addiction but a good addiction.

These exercises are great for conditioning and stamina as well. They also work your legs and calves very well.

In any case, I sprinted to my mailbox, got my mail and then I held on to it real tight in my right hand and ran back home as fast as I could. Yes I was winded, but it felt amazing and I feel amazing. In fact, I'm going out right now to do it again. I can't help myself.

Be back in a minute.

Yes, I really did just go out and do two more sprints. I'm huffing and puffing now. This time the first one was closer to 100 yards, since I didn't need to only go to my mailbox.

The funny thing was that as I stepped outside, there was a white minivan driving further ahead of me by about 25 yards in the parking lot. As I sprinted I started getting close to it, eventually I caught up to the minivan and passed it. It's fun beating a car.

My energy level is so superior these days, I'm getting lots of work done and I have this incredible natural high all the time.

Again, the word invigoration comes to mind. My cells feel all warm and fuzzy inside. In any case, if you want this for yourself then I recommend you become a beta tester for the new Instant Energy Exercises.

Plus you'll get a whole month of being able to ask your fitness related questions as part of the deal. The best part about this is that these exercises are really easy to do.

Don't waste another day of being low energy and less happy than you deserve. Click here to become a beta tester.

Or read my previous blog entry to learn all the details. Keep in mind that there's a limited quantity of people I can take and the program closes this Monday.

At this point in time, there are only 12 coaching spots left. So if you want to get this information and start using it soon, then I suggest you help me, while helping yourself, by becoming a beta tester for Instant Energy Exercises.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske