Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Mexico Man Forced To Exercise By His... Electrically Crazed Body

This is truly exciting. The possibilities for improving your energy levels, experiencing profound joy and even needing less sleep, are mind-blowing. Best of all, you'll love doing these exercises so much that you won't even feel like you're exercising.

Here's what Joshua, one of the beta testers for the Instant Energy Exercises Program, had to say about his first day trying just some of the basic exercises.

Feedback: I did the 50 _____. I am a little sore in my legs from bouncing on a trampoline the other night, so it wasn't terribly comfortable. I didn't really notice any increase in my energy or feel more awake. So I finished reading your email and did a few other things.

Then I thought I should try again because maybe I didn't do enough. I decided to do 100 ____. After that I felt like doing my LSE's and push ups, since I hadn't yet done them today.

Then, that's when I noticed it. I suddenly really wanted to go for a bike ride or a walk or something. Right now, I'm waiting for some friends of mine to come over so we can head over to the park, and I'm really just bubbling with excitement to go out and get some exercise.

I'm pretty shocked with how something so simple has such a profound effect. I'm looking forward to more info as it comes along. Also I'm going to do this tomorrow morning first thing and see how that affects my day.

Thanks, Joshua

Sounds like Joshua is experiencing exactly the same kind of feeling that I've been feeling. The desire to go out and exercise. Exercise itself becomes a form of entertainment.

It's like my body gets electrically stimulated, it becomes crazed with the idea of exercise. At the same time a feeling of incredible pleasure courses through every cell in my body. I feel this right now as I'm writing to you.

When I do these exercises I feel like exercising all day long. This is no exaggeration or hype at all. It's 100% true and exactly how I feel. The increased feeling of well being virtually forces you to exercise 2 or 3 times a day at the very minimum. Remember, I'm not exaggerating in the least bit.

I actually do these exercises all throughout the day. I often do four, five or more mini-exercise sessions throughout the day, ever since I started doing the Instant Energy Exercises.

If you want to have these benefits and many more, then I suggest you sign up right away. As of the time of this post, there are only five spots available in the Instant Energy Exercises Coaching and Beta Testing Program.

Use this link to go straight to the order form.

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This is really powerful information. It can make an immediate improvement in your life and it's really easy to do. I'd call it the easiest happiness/fitness/energy program I have ever tried or used.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske