Friday, October 20, 2006

You Are The Cause

"You Are The Cause Of The Results In Your Life"

You are the cause of most things good and bad in your life. If you understand this concept, you are well on your way to getting conscious control of your life. All the situations, things and people in your life you have attracted and chosen.

Some even claim (I tend to agree with this) you have even chosen your parents and what kind of childhood situation you'd be in before you came into this lifetime in the physical world.

Put two people in the same circumstances and you often get two very differing sets of reactions.

For instance, I know someone (a teenager) who is embarrassed to be a raw foodist amongst some of his high school friends. He tries to hide this fact from other people. Yet I know some other raw food teenagers who were proud to be raw foodists. Going raw dramatically improved their lives and they are happy to share that information with others.

The same with adults going raw. Some people go raw and are afraid to get questioned by others about their diet. They are afraid to be different.

Yet in all the time I've been raw, this thought never once entered my mind. I was never, ever afraid of being ostracized because I ate raw foods. That didn't even occur to me.

Why would I care what someone else thought, I was just eating to maximize my own health, happiness and peak performance. I don't feel different because I only eat raw foods. I'm still a human just like the rest of us. Nothing different here.

When the topic of my diet comes up, I'm glad to share it with other people. I don't even get people criticizing me about it. It's the funniest thing. It seems that I know so much about it, that I rarely if ever get anyone challenging me about it.

This is because of my state of consciousness. I've attracted these situations. People can subconsciously tell that it would be futile to argue with me about it because I'm an expert in the field. But the thing is that these people I randomly meet don't know I'm an expert, but subconsciously they feel it and react to my energy. Another person doing the same exact thing to this person might get a completely different reaction.

Remember, you are the cause.

Think about your own life. Is it the situation or your own consciousness and belief system that actually controls what happens? Why is it that some guys attract all the girls and some guys just repel them? It's not even about looks, it's about your inner state of being.

Let me share a couple of more quotes from Dr. Joe Vitale's book, "The Attractor Factor." pg 46 and 47. This is taken from a dialog with a friend about taking full responsibility in your life.

(Pg 46)

"I don't sit around picturing car accidents," my friend blurted out.

"Maybe not consciously," I said. "But do you watch the news?"


(RH Comment: Even just having a negative, angry or fearful attitude will attract accidents and other bad things to happen to us. This has happened to me countless times when I'm angry and upset at the way things are. Things then get even worse. Whatever you focus upon you magnify.)

"Wouldn't you say the news is all about negative stuff—from accidents to murders to crises in countries we never heard of?"

"Yes, but—"

"Your mind is soaking up that programming," I explained. "And have you ever noticed how movies plant ideas in your mind?"

"What kind of ideas?"

"Well, ever notice how big business is always the bad guy?"

"You mean like in movies like Wall Street?"

"Yes! Those movies teach you that money is bad, or that it corrupts, or that wealthy people are bad," I went on. "The point is, all of this is programming your mind to attract the very things you'd prefer not to experience."

(RH Comment: This is also prevalent training in newspapers, TV news, certain political parties and even many religions.)

Unfortunately, a vast majority of people have been trained to have a poverty mindset. They believe stuff like this: "money is the root of all evil," or "if I get wealthy that means someone else now has to be poor," or "corporations are evil."

If you believe false ideas like these, you'll have little chance of becoming wealthy. Money is neutral, it's not good or bad, it's just a tool. It's like saying water is bad because you can drown in it, or your house can be damaged by a flood. But without water you would die.

The same thing is true with fire, electricity and even guns. They can be used for good and used for bad but these things of themselves are neutral. What would you do if you had no money? It's a vital thing to have.

Corporations aren't necessarily bad or evil. It's who's running the corporation. There are many very positive things brought to us by corporations. There a charitable corporations and corporations that donate to charities. There are many products created by corporations that you need and use every day of your life.

I'm also aware of many corporations that take advantage of their wealth and could care less about the welfare of people outside of themselves. This happens all the time, but corporations aren't to blame the people who run them are the ones to blame.

(pg 47) From "The Attractor Factor,"

"Look," I began. "I know a woman who has feminist sensibilities. Because she thinks men are out to rip her off, you can send her to any store by herself and if a man waits on her, she'll experience him being a chauvinist pig."

"Maybe the guy is a pig."

"He probably is, but send a woman without the belief that men are out to get her into the same store, and she'll either not get waited on by the guy, won't notice his personality, or will simply not experience what he might otherwise do."

"So you're saying we're creating it all—al of it?"

Unfortunately, I see this poverty consciousness quite often in people. So many people even think advertising is evil. If I send out an email that advertises a useful product they automatically think this is bad.

They want me to send them great and useful emails but to never have a link to a product I've either created or that I highly recommend. In virtually all the free media or nearly free media, like newspapers, radio, TV and yes Internet websites and ezines, you have advertising to offset the costs. Unless the person or organization is independently wealthy.

What people don't realize is that the quality of my information and the quantity of the information that I'm able to provide is much better since I started earning money online. This is because I can now work full time at doing this work.

When I still had my other job teaching tennis, I didn't have as much time to write. So it came out infrequently and it wasn't as good.

Also how would you know what to buy if there wasn't advertising of some sort? Even a retail location on a busy highway is advertising. If you don't want to buy anything and live your life out in nature and be totally self-sufficient, then I understand. But otherwise you are attacking the very system that makes your lifestyle possible for you.

Please realize these principles when you see advertising. Advertising, just like anything else in life is neutral, it can be good or bad. And some people would say there is no good or bad but only perception. But that's a story for another day.

Hope you enjoyed this post.


P.S. Here's the easy way to be the cause in your life.

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Anonymous said...

This is so true! A couple of years ago I made the decision to go without TV, especially anything violent and the news. It is very difficult to realize how disempowering and depressing these things can be until you avoid them and spend that time learning and helping others around you. This enables you to feel better about yourself because you are making a difference in the world, instead of being passive and frightened.