Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Friendly Red Pigeon

Earlier in the summer I went out to my local park to practice juggling my soccer ball and to get some sun. As I walked in to the basketball court I passed by a reddish colored pigeon on the ground.

He walked right by me as if he were another human. He didn't seem afraid at all. I forgot about him and started juggling my soccer ball. After a few minutes I noticed he came walking over to me from outside the fence.

This was the strangest pigeon I'd ever seen. I could go really close to it and it would never fly away. I took some pictures and a video of it with my cell phone camera.

Later it walked in to the basketball court. I got as close to it as a foot and it never flew away. In fact, I never saw it fly, it only walked.

So here's the 30 second video clip of the friendly red pigeon.

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