Sunday, October 15, 2006

What a beautiful day

This is the first post on my brand new blog. It's a gorgeous fall day outside. After I take a spiritual vitamin for the soul (my spiritual exercise) I'll be doing a pushup workout and then going for a run out in the crisp and sunny fall weather.

I'll be using this blog to put up ideas as they come to me. They may not always be well formed, but I think you'll feel the excitement.

I plan on sharing information about myself as well as the peak performance techniques I teach. I look forward to your comments and participation.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

P.S. Focus only on
what you want and take daily inspired action.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Roger. What a great blog. Thank-you for the invitation. Everyday is a beautiful day. This is a great topic indeed.

Tell me please how did you discover what you love? Did raw food help you, was it a combination of raw food and Spirit revealing itself to you?

I am currently doing a trial of raw food at about 95% (I had tried over the summer and went back to about 50% vegetarian cooked), and am allowing myself another opportunity. I felt very good when I did it at 95%, but still looked forward to feeling happy all the time.

Thank-you for your thoughts,

Roger Haeske said...

For some people finding their mission or passion in life can be quite difficult. The problem lies in how to survive while doing what you love.

A big thing for me was my spiritual development in college. I had a dramatic spiritual experience in August of 1987 and from that day forward I was a new person, with new priorities.

But it still took me over 15 years to turn that passion into a career. had many ideas and many ups and downs in that time.

Imagine if I gave up. But I didn't give up because I didn't see any other option. It wasn't really a choice, I was just compelled to do this kind of work from internal forces.

I was willing to go as long as I had to get to where I needed.

This is actually a long topic. Some day I'll make a more detailed post about the whole thing.

But suffice it to say that anger with my job hastened my progress in getting to do what I love. Sometimes anger can be useful in motivating you to take action.